Armstrong and Whitesand Weather Waves!

Whitesand First Nation

Sunshine, Showers, and Gusts Galore!

Today: Sun’s Morning Embrace!

Good day, Armstrong and Whitesand! Our morning kicks off with the sun’s warm embrace, promising a golden start. But hold on to those hats, because the skies have a plan to shake things up! Clouds will gather for a midday rendezvous and by the afternoon, there’s a 40% chance they’ll be accompanied by rain’s gentle serenade. Keep those umbrellas at hand, as there’s also a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. The thermometer aims for a lovely 24°C, but with the Humidex in play, it might feel closer to 27°C. And with a UV index of 6, it’s a good day to flaunt those shades.

Tonight: Evening’s Dramatic Act

As the day transitions to night, expect the clouds to hang around like lingering stage actors, bringing with them a 60% possibility of showers. The sky may also rumble with the sounds of a thunderstorm, so keep those windows shut! As the curtain falls on the evening, the temperatures are set to rest at a cool 12°C.

Wednesday, August 9: A Windy Waltz!

Whitesand and Armstrong, brace yourselves for a breezy ballet! While the day will start under a cloudy cover, there’s a 60% chance the clouds could shed a tear or two. But the real star of the show? The wind! Gusting from the northwest at up to 50 km/h, it’s set to whirl and twirl its way through our towns. The mercury doesn’t intend to climb beyond 20°C and with a UV index at a moderate 4, it’s a good day to fly a kite (if you dare)!

The Thursday Teaser:

Intrigued about Thursday’s tune? Stay curious and keep an eye on the skies!

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