Thunder Bay Weather: It’s a Sun-Cloud-Showers-Thunder Sandwich!

Fort William Gardens
Fort William Gardens

Sunny Start, Cloudy Filling, Showery Sprinkles, and a Thunder Crunch…Mmm, Delicious Weather!

Greetings, Thunder Bay! Today’s weather is like a perfectly layered sandwich, packed with all your favourite ingredients: sun, clouds, showers, and even a pinch of thunder.

Don’t let the weather cloud your Thunder Bay Border Cat’s Fever! Game time at Port Arthur Stadium is 1:35 PM!

Let’s unwrap today’s special:

Today: A Tasty Weather Sandwich

We kick off with a delicious sunny start to the day before we layer on a mix of sun and clouds. Sprinkle in a 30% chance of showers late this afternoon, and top it all off with a risk of a thunderstorm for a bit of a crunch! With a high of 25°C (77°F), a Humidex of 28, and a UV index of 8 (very high), it’s a full meal deal of a day.

Tonight: Light Snack Anyone?

For tonight’s light snack, we have partly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of showers early in the evening. Add a risk of a thunderstorm, and you’ve got an exciting evening. With a low of 13°C (55°F), it’s the perfect nightcap.

Monday, August 7: Another Delicious Day on the Menu

Monday brings another delectable day. We start off mainly sunny before we layer in increasing cloudiness late in the morning. Add a 40% chance of showers in the afternoon with a risk of a thunderstorm, and voila! Another well-crafted weather sandwich! High of 26°C (79°F), Humidex of 29, and a UV index of 7 (high).

Teaser for Tomorrow’s Weather

What’s cooking for Tuesday’s weather, Thunder Bay? Will we enjoy another tasty weather sandwich, or is there a new recipe on the menu? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s forecast!

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