Northeast District Wildfire Report: Nine New Fires Bring Total to 42 Active Fires

Wildfire Update

SAULT STE. Marie – The long weekend has started with a number of new fires in the Northeast District. As of this report, there are 42 active wildland fires in the Northeast Region. Among these, 8 fires are not under control, 3 are being held, 4 are under control, and 27 fires are being observed.

New Fire Incidents

Nine new fires were confirmed in the Northeast Region today:

  1. Sudbury 29: Located on MacGregor Point on Lake Huron near Birch Island, this 1-hectare fire is not under control.
  2. Wawa 16: Located approximately 6 kilometers west of Widgeon Lake in Pukaskwa National Park, this 0.1-hectare fire is not under control.
  3. Wawa 17: Located approximately 2 kilometers north of Okoko Lake, this 0.2-hectare fire is being held.
  4. Sudbury 30: Located on the western shore of Big Pine Lake, this 0.1-hectare fire is not under control.
  5. North Bay 13: Located on an island in the main channel of French River Provincial Park, 5 kilometers west of Boom Island, this 0.6-hectare fire is not under control.
  6. North Bay 14: Located on the north shore of Big Caribou Lake, this 0.1-hectare fire is out.
  7. Wawa 18: Located 9 kilometers west of the community of White Lake, this 0.1-hectare fire is not under control.
  8. Wawa 19: Located 2 kilometers east of Kwinkwaga Lake, this 0.5-hectare fire is not under control.
  9. Sault 12: Located 1 kilometer south of Lilybet Lake, this 1-hectare fire is not under control.

Fire Hazard Assessment

The Northeast Fire Region has fire hazard values that range from low to moderate in the southern end of the region, while the balance of the region has low to high fire hazard values.

Smoke Forecast

For individuals interested in observing smoke forecasts, you can access current and forecast conditions on

Safety Reminders

During this time of active wildfire response, we remind everyone to stay clear of waterbombers when they approach a body of water for scooping. A waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft pose a safety hazard.

Moreover, flying drones around forest fires is both dangerous and illegal. Avoid flying drones near forest fires to prevent putting the lives of pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel at risk.

Report a Wildland Fire

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. For incidents south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911. Your immediate reporting can help us respond quickly and efficiently to control wildfires.

Thank you for your cooperation in safeguarding our forests and communities. Stay vigilant, stay safe.

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