Get to Know John Lohrenz, the Successful Entrepreneur and President of JKL Wealth Management


John Lohrenz, the president of JKL Wealth Management, guides and helps 120 selected families from all over the U.S. with investment and financial matters. The financial expert and his experienced team at JKL Wealth Management provide customized services to their clients based on their needs and requirements. Over the years, he has built a trustworthy relationship with his clients as he helps them achieve a sustainable financial life.

John spent his early years in Plentywood, Montana, before moving to Sidney, Montana, where he got his high school education. John learned business ethics and skills from his father, who owned an oil field business in trucking. His father taught him the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment, which helped him achieve his goals in life.

John went to San Diego University for his higher education and studied finance. During that time, he met his wife, and later, they had a daughter and never moved back to the frigid sub-zero temperatures in Northeast Montana. John was always a career-oriented guy who wanted to make great things happen for himself. He started his Wall Street career in San Diego with Shearson Lehman Brothers. At the beginning of his career, he understood that persistence was the key to success in his chosen career.

He spent 20 years as a branch manager at Merrill Lynch, a firm known at that time as the “800-pound gorilla” in financial services. For two decades, he served the company and, in return, gained immense expertise, recognition, and admiration from his clients. In 2006 he was awarded the “Manager of the year for the U.S.,” one of his career’s highlights.

With his continuous efforts and passion, today, he has his independent and boutique wealth management company, JKL Wealth Management. The company works to develop and implement custom investment plans for a dependable income after retirement. They prioritize client satisfaction and always work to build a healthy relationship with them.

A published author, John’s book “The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and a Map to a Life Well Lived” has been making waves and is a best-seller on Amazon. The book covers everything he has learned about health and wealth over the years. Click here to learn more about his work.

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