Northwest Wildfire Update – Forty Active Wildfires in Region

Wildfire Season - Waterbomber

THUNDER BAY – Wildfire Update – There are a total of 40 active wildfires across the district.

Recent Fire Updates:

  • Following the previous update on July 31, an additional fire has been confirmed during the evening hours:
    • Nipigon 72 is located approximately 61.5 kilometers northeast of Eabametoong First Nation and 37.1 kilometers north of Washi Lake. This 10.0-hectare fire is currently being observed.
  • Another new fire was confirmed in the Northwest Region by the late afternoon of August 1:
    • Red Lake 61 is situated approximately 5.5 kilometers northeast of Jubilee Lake and 10.0 kilometers southwest of Jeanette Lake. This 0.8-hectare fire is not yet under control.

As of this update, the Northwest Region has a total of 40 active fires. Among them, 5 are not under control, 3 are being held, 5 are under control, and 27 are being observed.

Fire Hazard Assessment:

The wildland fire hazard across the Northwest Region is predominantly moderate to high. While some areas show low hazard scattered throughout each sector, isolated pockets of extreme hazard are present around Eabametoong First Nation and Marten Falls First Nation.

Fires of Note:

  • Sioux Lookout 33 is located on the western edge of Wabakimi Provincial Park and spans 62,377 hectares. This fire is not yet under control, and crews continue to establish hose lines while helicopter bucketing operations provide support.
  • Nipigon 19, situated northwest of Ogoki Lake, is being held at 10,182 hectares in size. Crews are actively working on hot spots identified by infrared scanning, and excellent progress is being made.
  • Red Lake 28, located 40 kilometers North of Lac Seul First Nation, is being held at 19,177 hectares in size. Crews continue to establish hose lines, while helicopter bucketing operations provide support. Infrared scanning is ongoing.

Smoke Forecast:

For individuals interested in observing smoke forecasts, visit to access current and forecast conditions.

Safety Reminder:

Help fight forest fires by staying clear of waterbombers. When waterbombers approach a body of water, ensure that you move close to the shore, allowing them to scoop safely. To avoid any potential hazards, a waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft are present.

Additionally, flying drones around forest fires is both dangerous and illegal. Such activities can jeopardize the lives of pilots, firefighters, and other emergency personnel. Please be safe and stay clear of forest fires.

Report a Wildland Fire:

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. To report a forest fire located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911.

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