Traffic Enforcement Blitz on Dawson Road Results in Over 300 Charges

Thunder Bay Police Unit

Thunder Bay – News – During a focused traffic enforcement operation on Dawson Road last week, the Thunder Bay Police Service, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police, issued over 300 charges and removed 17 vehicles from service.

The enforcement blitz, which was active from July 24 to 26, specifically targeted the Highway 11/17 and Dawson Road area. Both commercial and passenger vehicles were the focus of this operation.

Driver Charged with Stunt Driving – 100 in a 50 Zone!

As a result of this project, a total of 324 charges were laid and 17 vehicles were deemed unfit for the road. Speeding emerged as a prominent violation, with one extreme case involving a motorist charged with stunt-driving for travelling at 100 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. Other offenders were fined for unsafe vehicles, emission violations, equipment and document offences, and insecure loads.

On the third day of the operation, officers used drones to monitor commercial vehicles that were following other vehicles too closely. This tactic, which has been effective in the past, led to 30 charges of Motor Vehicle Following Too Close.

The residents and businesses in the Dawson Road area have repeatedly voiced their safety concerns regarding the reckless driving habits of both passenger and commercial vehicle drivers. In light of these concerns, the Thunder Bay Police Service vows to continue focused traffic enforcement in the area, whether through collaborative multi-agency projects or regular day-to-day patrols.

The Thunder Bay Police Service extends its gratitude to all motorists who prioritize safety by driving sober, distraction-free, and with due caution and care.

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