Kenora – Grab the Frying Pan, Can You Really Fry an Egg today?

Join the Cast Iron Cult: Where Your Pan Weighs More Than Your Pet

Kenora Sunny Side Up – High of 28

Good day, Kenora! Today’s weather is served sunny side up. With a high of 28 degrees and a humidex of 30, it’s going to be a scorching day. The UV index is hitting a high note at 7, so it’s time to break out those sun hats and SPF 50. Remember, we like our sunny days just like our eggs: without any burns!

Tonight: Partly Cloudy Dreamscape – Low 15

When night falls, our sky’s getting a makeover. We’re starting with a clear canvas, then adding in a few fluffy clouds for a dreamy overnight effect. With a low of 15, it’s the perfect backdrop for a serene night’s sleep or some late-night stargazing.

Tue, 25 Jul: A Sun and Cloud Smoothie – High 29

Tomorrow, we’re blending up a Sun and Cloud Smoothie with a sprinkle of a 30% chance of showers. With a high of 29, it’s going to be another warm one, folks. So stay hydrated, stay cool, and enjoy this unique weather concoction.

Tomorrow Night: And the Forecast Is…

What’s tomorrow night’s forecast? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned! But one thing’s for sure – it’s a forecast you won’t want to miss.

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Stay sunny, stay safe, and keep those great pics and tips coming, Kenora!

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