Whitesand and Armstrong: A Cloudy Affair with Possible Rain Showers – High 23

Whitesand First Nation

Howdy, Armstrong! Expect a cloudy sky today, with a 30% chance of those clouds shedding a tear or two this morning and early afternoon. Remember, a little rain never hurt anyone! But it’s not all gray skies – we’ve got a high of 23 degrees, just right to kick back with a lukewarm cup of joe.

Our UV index is soaring at a high 6, so make sure you’ve got your sun protection at the ready! The sun might be hiding, but it’s still peeking through those clouds.

Whitesand Tonight: A Sky-Wide Cleanup – Low Plus 5

Good evening, Whitesand! As we close out the day, the clouds will pack up and hit the road, leaving behind a beautifully clear evening. Temperatures will cozy down to plus 5 – the perfect excuse for an extra blanket or a fireside gathering.

Armstrong, 24 Jul: Sun’s Out, Guns Out – High 26

Hold on to your hats, Armstrong, because tomorrow the sun is making its grand entrance! Not just a quick pop-in, but a full day visit. A gusty west wind will join the party late in the afternoon at 20 km/h, perfect for sailing any paper planes. With a high of 26 and a UV index of 7, it’s time to dust off those sunglasses and slap on some sunscreen.

Whitesand, Tomorrow Night: Star-Gazing Bonanza – Low 8

And for our friends in Whitesand, clear skies will continue into tomorrow night. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some star-gazing, with a cool low of 8 degrees for comfortable slumber under the stars.

And that’s your wrap! Tune in tomorrow for more weather fun. Will we have another sun-filled day or will those grumpy gray clouds roll back in? Stay tuned to find out! Until then, keep your sun hats and your spirit high, Armstrong and Whitesand!