Thunder Bay – Cloudy Skies Playing Hide and Seek with the Sun, Showers on the Horizon, Winds Taking a U-turn, and a High-Stakes UV Index

Coast Guard vessel Samuel Risley Photo by Darius B
Coast Guard vessel Samuel Risley Photo by Darius B

Partly Cloudy Night Sky Gradually Clears Up for a Foggy Encore, All Under a 13°C Starlight

THUNDER BAY – Weather- Today’s weather ride is taking us on twists and turns, from cloudy skies to probable showers, changing winds, and a UV index that’s scaling the heights.

Daytime Carousel

Hold on to your hats as we start our carousel with a mainly cloudy sky. However, like a game of hide and seek, we might see the sun sneak out at times. Adding to the thrill is a 60% chance of showers this morning, so you might want to keep your umbrella handy!

The wind, like a mischievous child, changes direction from the northeast to the northwest at 20 km/h, adding a cool touch to the day. As for temperatures, they’re going up to a sizzling 27°C, but it might feel more like a tropical 30°C with the Humidex. Our UV index is no less adventurous, skyrocketing to a 7. So, don’t forget your sun protection!

Nighttime Roller Coaster

Our weather ride doesn’t stop with the sunset. As the carousel slows, the sky will turn partly cloudy, offering glimpses of the stars. Later in the evening, it’ll clear up, setting the stage for a fantastic celestial show.

But wait, there’s more! Fog patches are scheduled to make an overnight appearance, adding a touch of mystery to the night. The wind continues its game, becoming light as the evening progresses. With temperatures dropping to a cool 13°C, it’s a perfect setup for a cozy night under the stars.

Tomorrow’s Teaser

What’s next on our weather adventure? Well, that’s a surprise for tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the carousel of clouds, sun, and showers, and remember – every weather day is a thrilling ride!

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