A Cloudy Day Looms Over Dryden and Vermilion Bay, With a Chance of Showers

City of Dryden

Dryden and Vermilion Bay – Good morning to the people of Dryden and Vermilion Bay! Today, Mother Nature seems to be leaning towards a more somber palette as she paints the day’s weather.

Today: An Overcast Day with Occasional Showers and Gentle Breezes. High of 18

The day starts under a thick layer of clouds, with a 40% chance of rainfall. Make sure to have your rain gear at hand! These clouds may decide to partake in a spontaneous drizzle throughout the day. Alongside this, the wind has decided to make an appearance from the northwest, blowing at a pace of 20 km/h starting this morning. The temperature, however, has promised to keep things relatively warm with a high of 18 degrees.

UV Index at a Moderate 3: A Little Break from the Sun’s Intense Rays

The sun will be giving us a bit of a break today. Hidden behind the clouds, the UV index will hover at a moderate 3. So while sunscreen is always a good idea, you might not need to slather on as much today!

Tonight: Clouds Persist with Chance of Evening Showers. Low of 10

As we move into the night, the clouds have no intention of leaving the stage. There’s a 40% chance they’ll continue their waterworks in the evening. The wind, tired from its day’s work, will gradually ease into a gentle breeze. Meanwhile, the temperature is planning to cool down to a low of 10 degrees.

So there you have it, folks of Dryden and Vermilion Bay! Your day looks to be filled with clouds, potential showers, and a cool breeze. Don’t forget your raincoat and enjoy the melody of the falling rain!

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