Wasaho Cree Nation: Weather Serving Up a Mystery Soup!

Weather Update Rain Boots and Umbrella

Wasaho Cree Nation – Weather – Howdy, Wasaho Cree Nation! Our weather is serving up a bit of a mystery soup today. Clouds, potential showers, and even some fog are in the mix. Let’s see what’s on the menu!

Today: Cloudy, Showers Maybe, and a Dash of Fog – High of 7

We’re starting the day with a weather mystery. We have clouds aplenty and a 40% chance of showers that are keeping us guessing. Fog is also joining the fun, morphing into fog patches early this morning. As for the wind, it’s making its way from the north at 30 km/h but plans to become light by late afternoon. The soup is served at a chill high of 7 degrees today.

UV Index at Low 2: Sun Takes a Backseat

The sun seems to be on a break today, letting the clouds, showers, and fog have the limelight. Hence, we have a UV index at a low 2. But don’t be fooled! Even low UV doesn’t mean no UV, so protect your skin if you’re outside for long periods.

Tonight: Cloudy, Showers on Standby, and Fog Patches Galore – Low of 5

As we ladle into the night, it’s still cloudy with a 40% chance of showers lurking in the shadows. Fog patches continue to swirl around, adding to the mystery. As we delve deeper into the night, we’re looking at a low of 5 degrees.

So there you have it, Wasaho Cree Nation – our weather soup of the day! Remember, “There is no bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” So let’s dive into the day and enjoy every spoonful of it! Stay warm and stay safe!

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