What Are the Benefits of a Global Network of Healthcare Professionals?


Today’s healthcare industry faces a number of multidisciplinary challenges, and finding solutions to those challenges has often been the job of individual consultants or organizations who focused on one challenge at a time. However, as evidenced by the rise of social media connections and global community networks, sometimes challenges can be better-met head-on with a collaborative effort. This is the idea behind the SCALE Community.

Roy Bejarano, co-founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare, describes SCALE Community as “the first and only healthcare association that reaches out to all traditional healthcare industry constituents for group membership, participation, and knowledge sharing.” It is a truly collaborative effort that is disrupting the state of healthcare as we know it.

Sharing knowledge

One of the primary benefits of creating the SCALE Community is the open sharing of knowledge between all members. As Bejarano states on the SCALE Community membership website, “The ability to invite healthcare services leaders to coalesce within a single community that recognizes both the differences and the shared interests and benefits that can derive from collaboration across our respective groups is a unique privilege, and we are deeply committed to realizing that vision.”

The often vulcanized state of the current healthcare system can be ineffective. Clinicians are separated from decision-makers in the C-suites,  and progress grinds to a halt as a result. By bringing all these major players together — clinicians, executives, clinic managers, MSO managers, payors, and investors — progress is fast-tracked through a collaborative effort.

Through these community relationships, strengths and weaknesses can be examined, and solutions can subsequently be applied that play to the strengths and acknowledge the individual shortcomings. As independent entities, these weaknesses may have been insurmountable and stood in the way of delivering effective treatment to patients, but within the community is support, problem-solving, and shared knowledge to overcome obstacles.

The SCALE Community has gathered the best and brightest in the healthcare industry to share their expertise through webinars, podcasts, and educational papers — creating a “one-stop shop” for healthcare industry knowledge.

Necessary healthcare industry improvements

No one in the modern healthcare industry would describe it as “perfect” or something that requires no further improvements. Bejarano is confident that the necessary changes needed in the healthcare space can be facilitated through this community effort. “SCALE Healthcare is positioned to create a richer, safer, more impactful environment for us all,” he says. “SCALE Community is allowing us to strengthen our individual impact on our industry.”

The SCALE Community is founded by and managed by SCALE Healthcare, one of the top healthcare consulting, outsourced solutions, and investment companies in the United States. The experience of SCALE Healthcare allows them to give practical guidance and valuable resources to the Community as a whole.

Members of the SCALE Community enjoy several benefits for their participation, including discounts to valuable conferences which allow its members greater networking and educational opportunities. Members also enjoy access to informational webinars, podcasts, CEO leadership content, and industry predictions from those “in the know.”

SCALE Community members from all areas of the healthcare landscape can participate in advocacy for their individual spaces, allowing them to shape policy and decisions that move the needle towards a better healthcare industry overall. Participation in the community also gives members access to data sets and research, allowing multi-site SEOs, hospitals, or payors to make business decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the SCALE Community, however, is its ability to maximize networking for its members. By strengthening the bonds between individuals and organizations within the healthcare space, new ideas can be formed, partnerships can be developed, and change can occur that enhances the healthcare experience for everyone.

Diverse representation

The healthcare industry has become far more complicated in recent years. With the advent of telehealth capabilities, the growth of the insurance industry over the generations, and the need for better pharmaceuticals, there are now more players in the game than ever before. The SCALE Community is a diverse representation of the healthcare industry as a whole.

Constant innovations and technological changes in the industry can create gaps in service, management support, and organizational scaling. “Today’s healthcare environment involves a complex network of systems that require broad and deep solutions,” Bejarano explains. Those “broad and deep” solutions will likely not arrive through individual effort — not in a timely manner, anyway. The collaborative, community-driven effort of SCALE Community seeks to fill gaps within the complex network of healthcare systems.

Bejarano is thrilled with the initial response to the SCALE Community, which has already taken home a Stellar Business Award for Best Online Health Education Platform. “Within an industry where success is never a guarantee, SCALE aims to be the answer to providing the best possible service for physician leaders, management, and employees,” he says.

Through the comprehensive effort, Bejarano and the multidisciplinary members of the SCALE Community are changing the face of healthcare.

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