Wasaho Cree Nation: Clouds are Throwing a Weekend-Long Party!

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Saturday: Clouds Continue the Party with Occasional Showers and High of 13

Wasaho Cree Nation – Weather – Hello, Wasaho Cree Nation! The clouds have RSVPed for the whole weekend, and they’re bringing a plus one – showers. So, let’s dive right in and see what this party is all about!

Tonight: A Cloudy Evening Soiree with Chance of Showers – Low of 9

Tonight, it’s all about the clouds! They’ll be filling our skies, creating a wonderful spectacle. And because no party is complete without a bit of a splash, there’s a 60% chance of showers. The temperature? It’s set to drop to a cool 9 degrees. Looks like it’s a perfect evening to curl up indoors with a good movie and some popcorn!

Saturday: Clouds Continue the Party with Occasional Showers and High of 13

It appears that our cloud friends have enjoyed the party so much, they’ve decided to stick around for Saturday too! While they’re making themselves comfortable, there’s a 30% chance that they’ll send down some showers. But don’t let that dampen your spirits! We’re looking at a comfortable high of 13 degrees. Perfect weather for a cup of hot cocoa and some indoor fun!

UV Index 4 – Don’t Be Fooled by the Cloudy Cover

Remember, clouds may mask the sun but they don’t completely block its rays. The UV index for Saturday is a moderate 4. So don’t let the clouds fool you, make sure to put on some sunscreen if you’re heading out.

Saturday Night: Clouds Decide to Stay Over, Chance of Showers – Low of 6

The cloud party continues into Saturday night with a 40% chance of showers. They really can’t seem to say goodbye, can they? As the night matures, the temperatures will drop to a chilly low of 6. Sounds like the perfect excuse for an extra blanket and some hot soup!

So, Wasaho Cree Nation, let’s welcome our cloud guests with open arms and find joy in the small things. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining… sometimes it’s just a little hidden!

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