30 Active Wildfires Reported in the Northeast Region, Fire Suppression Efforts Underway

Wildfire Update

Update on Northeast Wildfire Situation for July 13, 2023

Sault Ste. Marie – Wildfire Update – In the Northeast region, 30 active wildfires are currently being managed. Among these, one is not yet under control, one is being held, eight are under control, and 20 are under observation. Three new wildfires have been confirmed in the region:

  • North Bay 8, a 0.1-hectare fire on an island at the north end of Lake Temagami, was confirmed last night and has since been extinguished.
  • Hearst 8, a 0.6-hectare fire, was confirmed this afternoon. Located 150 metres from Hwy 583 and approximately 18 kilometers south of Hearst, the fire is now under control.
  • Wawa 9, a 1.3-hectare fire, was confirmed late this afternoon. It is located 1 kilometre east of Obakamiga Lake and 2 kilometres west of South Vision Lake. This fire is currently not under control.

Fire Hazard Conditions

Fire hazard conditions are low in the southern part of the region (North Bay, Parry Sound, Pembroke Bancroft). The rest of the region varies from moderate to high hazard, with an extreme hazard showing in an area above Kapuskasing and Smooth Rock Falls. For detailed fire hazard conditions in your area, please refer to our interactive map.

Noteworthy Wildfires

Several significant fires are currently being monitored and controlled:

  • Cochrane 7, a 37,742-hectare wildland fire located northeast of Lake Abitibi. Ontario FireRanger Crews and a 20 person crew of forest firefighters from Mexico are attending to this fire, supported by helicopters. This fire is being held.
  • Cochrane 11, a 805-hectare fire located approximately 5 km west of the community of Fort Albany and south of Big Island. FireRanger crews and a 20 person crew of forest firefighters from Mexico are making good progress on fire suppression. The fire is under control.
  • Chapleau 3, a 3,916-hectare wildland fire located 2 kilometres south of October Lake and 2.5 kilometres west of Vichaw Lake. It is under control.
  • Chapleau 6, a 1,228-hectare wildland fire located 2.5 kilometres west of Morin Lake and 1 kilometre east of Bolkow Lake. It is under control.

Implementation Orders and Travel Restrictions

An update was made on Monday, July 10, as a result of decreased fire behavior and effective fire suppression activities on Cochrane 7, reopening access on the Translimit Road between Cochrane and Quebec to traffic. However, certain travel and access restrictions remain due to continued fire suppression activities, specifically affecting Steele Township, Sargeant Township, Bonis Township, Scapa Township, Berry Township, Hepburn Township, Case Township, Abbotsford Township, and Adair Township. For a detailed overview of these restrictions, see the Implementation Order Map.

For more information, travel permits, or to ask questions, please contact the Hearst-Cochrane-Kapuskasing District office at 705-272-7178 or by email mnrf.coc@ontario.ca

Important Reminders

Please remember to stay clear of waterbombers for your safety and to ensure the effectiveness of their firefighting activities.

Moreover, flying drones around wildfires is both dangerous and illegal. Be safe, stay clear of forest fires.

Reporting Wildland Fires

To report a wildland fire north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial 310-FIRE. For fires south of the French or Mattawa rivers, dial 911.

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