The Best Sports to Bet on in Canada


Canada provides an unmatched combination of established and developing sports wagering markets, thanks to its vibrant sports culture and robust betting industry. Experienced gamblers as well as novice bettors alike can take advantage of a diverse range of opportunities within this nation’s borders. 

Canadian Football Betting Experience: A Unique Betting Opportunity

Canadian football stands out in Canada’s sports betting landscape in many ways. The Canadian Football League adds its own distinct twist to American football rules, producing a game with high scoring and fast-paced action that’s highly popular with bettors. Bookmakers offer various betting markets and odds during its championship game, the Grey Cup.

Lacrosse Betting Delight

Lacrosse, Canada’s national summer sport, presents gamblers with another intriguing option: the National Lacrosse League (NLL). It’s widely considered the premier professional lacrosse league in Canada and comprises teams from both Canada and the US. Lacrosse’s fast-paced and high-scoring nature creates plenty of betting opportunities, from match winners to total goals scored—providing thrills galore!

Hockey Is An Undisputed Canadian favorite 

Hockey remains one of the country’s favorite sports, making it a central element in Canada’s betting culture. Bookmakers offer bettors many options when betting on NHL matches, from outright winner wagering to total number of goals scored per game. The National Hockey League stands as an important staple of Canadian betting culture. Hockey is most popular in the province of Alberta, with 44.7 percent of Albertans saying they follow it most closely of any other sport. So, wagering on hockey games is by far the top choice for those looking at how to bet in Alberta. Toronto comes a close second for hockey fans, with the Maple Leaves giving the Albertian’s own Calgary Flames close competition for years now.

Soccer Betting is on the Rise

Although soccer has never been one of Canada’s most beloved sports, interest in it has increased steadily in recent years. The Canadian Premier League (CPL), which serves as a domestic platform for Canadian talent to develop their game, has played a central role in driving this growth in Canadian soccer. Bets can now be placed on match outcomes, goalscorers, and yellow card accumulation across several Canadian bookmaker websites.

Betting on International Sports

Canadians can now bet on an array of international sporting events, including competitions such as the English Premier League. Bets can also be placed during major events like the FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games, and bookmakers offer numerous betting markets during these periods.

Bettors See Opportunity in the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and basketball in general have gained increasing attention across Canada since the Toronto Raptors won an historic NBA Championship in 2019. There are betting opportunities abound within this fast-paced sport, from picking which team will win each game to wagering on individual player performances. As its schedule keeps expanding year after year, betting on basketball is even more alluring than ever.

American Football Has Arrived in Canada: Find Your Place with the NFL

Canada is home to an enthusiastic fan base for American football, particularly the National Football League (NFL). Bookmakers anticipate an expected surge in betting activity around major events like the Super Bowl, offering various betting markets such as picking the outright winner of the trophy and wagering on touchdowns scored. Indeed, in certain regions, the popularity of the NFL has even outshone that of the Canadian Football League. 

Horse Racing: An Age-Old Tradition

Canadian horse racing has a rich tradition, and bettors continue to find it enjoyable and lucrative. Major events in Canada like the King’s Plate and Canadian Derby are always popular among bettors. During these races, punters place bets on outcomes such as who will win, finish in the top three places, or even try to predict exact order finishers. 

eSports Betting: The New Frontier

Betting on eSports may be relatively new to Canada’s betting landscape, yet it has quickly gained popularity. Due to intricate game strategies and limited markets, there is the potential for many exciting bets on such games as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These virtual sports are providing bettors with new opportunities, as projections show a predicted exponential industry expansion over the coming years. 

Tennis: A Global Betting Phenomenon

Bettors in Canada have shown great enthusiasm for tennis, a global sport that can be played anywhere on earth. Tennis betting offers one of the most thrilling experiences available due to its rapid-fire pace of play, combined with individual skill and tactical considerations that need to be addressed during each set of competition. You can find many types of bets for important tournaments like the French Open and Canadian Open. These include bets on the winner of matches, as well as bets on the total number of sets played.

Baseball: America’s Pastime in Canada

Baseball betting in Canada’s Major League Baseball (MLB) is another highly popular activity among punters. Bettors have an abundance of choices due to MLB’s extensive schedule, which only adds to its appeal and increases fandom. Baseball betting provides numerous betting opportunities, be it backing your favourite Toronto Blue Jays or on World Series odds.

It’s clear that Canadian betting culture is as varied and vibrant as its natural environment, from more established sports like hockey and horse racing to up-and-coming competitions like eSports. As betting in Canada continues its growth as an industry, it’s undoubted that you will always have access to a wide variety of betting options no matter where you are in the country.

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