Kenora: A Day of Sun, Clouds, and a Clear Night with a Twist!

Experimental Lakes Area has received four years of funding.
Experimental Lakes Area has received $2 million in funding.

Daytime: A Weather Mélange of Sun and Cloud with a Clear Afternoon

Kenora promises a delightful mix of sun and cloud, like a perfect weather cocktail. However, the clouds will make way for a clear sky by late afternoon, revealing a beautiful blue canvas. With a high of 22 degrees and a UV index of 7, it’s a day for your sun hats and a generous helping of sunscreen. So, get ready to enjoy a day of weather whimsy!

Nighttime: A Clear Evening with a Chance of Overnight Showers

As the sun sets, the evening will start off clear, revealing a beautiful starry spectacle. However, the sky will become partly cloudy as the night progresses, with a 30% chance of showers overnight. With a low of 13 degrees, it’s a night for a warm blanket and a gaze at the starlit sky. So, snuggle up and let the weather lull you to sleep!

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