Wildfire Report: Northwest Fire Region Update: 8 New Fires and 65 Total in District


THUNDER BAY – This is your indepth NetNewsLedger Wildfire Report for July 8, 2023, bringing you the latest updates on the Northwest Fire Region. Here’s what you need to know:

Active Fires and Control Status

As of this update, there are 65 active fires in the Northwest Region. Out of these, 10 fires are not under control, 6 fires are being held, 12 fires are under control, and 37 fires are being observed. Today, eight new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region, each requiring attention and monitoring.

Notable New Fires

Let’s take a closer look at the new fires in the region. Nipigon 43, located approximately 47.0 kilometers east of Kasabonika, is currently being observed at 400 hectares. Nipigon 44, situated at the south end of Meta Lake, is being held at 0.2 hectares. Nipigon 45 and Nipigon 46, both north of Nakina, are currently not under control, each covering 1.0 hectare. Sioux Lookout 72 and Sioux Lookout 73, observed at Greenmantle Lake and east of Pickle Lake respectively, are being observed and held at 0.4 hectares. Sioux Lookout 74, near Tuktegweik Bay in Lac Seul, is under control at 0.2 hectares. Finally, Dryden 25, west of Obonga-Ottertooth Provincial Park, is not yet under control at 0.4 hectares.

Fire Hazard Levels

The fire hazard levels across the Northwest Region vary, with mainly moderate to high hazards. However, low fire hazards can be found surrounding Lake Nipigon, south to Lake Superior, and along the Minnesota border. For a detailed view of fire hazard conditions in your area and an overview of regional fires, refer to our Interactive Map.

Fires of Note

Several notable fires continue to require attention. Sioux Lookout 33, located on the western edge of Wabakimi Provincial Park, spans a staggering 60,394 hectares and remains not under control. Efforts to protect values and control the fire are ongoing. Sioux Lookout 44, west of Lake St. Joseph, covers 6,730 hectares and is also not under control, with ongoing values protection measures. Sioux Lookout 53, east of the Bearskin Lake First Nation, is being held at 334.2 hectares, and progress in containment is commendable. Nipigon 13 and Nipigon 19, west and northwest of Ogoki Lake respectively, are not under control at 37,868 and 10,064 hectares, with hose lines being established and helicopter support in place. Red Lake 28, located north of Lac Seul First Nation, spans 19,177 hectares and is not under control, with hose line establishment and helicopter support ongoing.

Northwest Fires of Note

  • Sioux Lookout 33 is located on the western edge of Wabakimi Provincial Park. The 60,394 hectare fire is not under control. Values protection is ongoing. Helicopter bucketing operations, crews and heavy equipment continue to work on this fire.
  • Sioux Lookout 44 is located on the west side of Lake St. Joseph. The 6,730 hectare fire is not under control. Helicopter bucketing operations are providing support and values protection is ongoing.
  • Sioux Lookout 53 is located 3.5 kilometers east of the Bearskin Lake First Nation. The 334.2 hectare fire is currently being held. Excellent progress continues to be made.
  • Nipigon 13 is located west of Ogoki Lake. The 37,868 hectare fire is not under control. Values assessment and protection is ongoing and helicopter bucketing operations are providing support.
  • Nipigon 19 is located northwest of Ogoki Lake. The 10,064 hectare fire is not under control. Crews continue to establish hose lines and helicopter bucketing operations are providing support.
  • Red Lake 28 is located 40 kilometers north of Lac Seul First Nation. The 19,177 hectare fire is not under control. Crews continue to establish hose lines and helicopter bucketing operations are providing support.

Restricted Fire Zone

Due to dry forest fuels and the potential for holdover ignition from lightning, a Restricted Fire Zone is in effect for the entire fire region of Ontario (Zones 1 to 36). This zone aims to protect public safety and restricts open air burning, including campfires. Portable gas or propane stoves may be used for cooking and warmth but with extreme caution. All burning permits are suspended. For a map of areas affected by the Restricted Fire Zone, click the link provided.

Reporting Wildland Fires

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial 310-FIRE. For fires located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, dial 911.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Northwest Fire Region as we closely monitor the situation. Let’s prioritize safety and support our dedicated firefighters as they work tirelessly to combat these wildfires and protect our communities.

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