July 5, 2023 – Four New Wildfires in Northwest District Bring Total to 55 Active Fires

Wildfire Update

Thunder Bay – Wildfire Update – As of 18:00 CDT on July 5, 2023, the Northwest Fire Region is currently dealing with 55 active fires. The status of these fires is as follows: 12 are not under control, 8 are being held, 7 are under control, and 28 are being observed.

Northwest Region Update

Four new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by the late afternoon of July 5. These include Nipigon 35, Sioux Lookout 69, Red Lake 46, and Sioux Lookout 70. The sizes of these fires range from 0.1 to 300 hectares, and they are located in various areas including near Webequie, Pickle Lake, Red Lake, and Lacey Lake.

One additional fire, Kenora 30, was confirmed following the previous update during the evening hours of July 4. The fire is located near Sioux Narrows on an island in Lake of the Woods and is currently under control.

The wildland fire hazard is predominately moderate to high across the Northwest Region, with an extreme hazard around Red Lake and some pockets of low hazard in both the south and Far North.

Northwest Fires of Note

Sioux Lookout 33, 44, and 53, Nipigon 13 and 19, and Red Lake 28 are significant fires in the region. These fires range in size from 334.2 hectares to 60,394 hectares and are located in various areas including Wabakimi Provincial Park, Lake St. Joseph, Bearskin Lake First Nation, Ogoki Lake, and north of Lac Seul First Nation. All these fires are not under control, and efforts to contain them are ongoing.

    • Nipigon 35 is located approximately 12.3 southwest of Webequie, on Bott Island in Winisk Lake. The 3.0 hectare fire is not yet under control.
    • Sioux Lookout 69 is located approximately 32.9 kilometres east of Pickle Lake near the north end of Seach Lake. The 0.1 hectare fire is not yet under control.
    • Red Lake 46 is located approximately 38.2 kilometres northwest of the town of Red Lake and 1.9 kilometres east of Kahnahmaykoosayseekahk Provincial Park. The 0.2 hectare fire is not yet under control.
    • Sioux Lookout 70 is a remote Far North fire located approximately 2.2 kilometres southeast of Lacey Lake. The 300 hectare fire is currently being observed.
  • One additional fire was confirmed following the previous update during the evening hours of July 4:
    • Kenora 30 is located approximately 7.9 kilometres southwest of Sioux Narrows on an island in Lake of the Woods. The 0.1 hectare fire is currently under control.

Restricted Fire Zone

Despite recent precipitation throughout parts of Ontario, forest fuels are still very dry and susceptible to holdover ignition from lightning. As such, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has declared a Restricted Fire Zone for the entire fire region of Ontario (Zones 1 to 36). The Restricted Fire Zone is in effect until further notice. Open air burning, including campfires, is not permitted within the boundaries of a Restricted Fire Zone. All burning permits are suspended.

Report a Wildland Fire

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. To report a forest fire located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911.

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