July 4, 2023 – Northeast District Wildfire Update: 27 Active Woodland Fires

Wildfire Season - Waterbomber

Sault Ste Marie – WILDFIRE UPDATE – As of 18:26 on July 4, 2023, the Northeast Fire Region is currently battling 27 active wildland fires. The status of these fires is as follows: 3 are not under control, 5 are being held, 7 are under control, and 12 are under observation.

Northeast Region Update

Six new fires were confirmed after the last update on July 3. These include Cochrane 26 to 31, all of which are being observed and vary in size from 3 to 1300 hectares. These fires are located in various areas in the Far North, including near Niskibi Lake, Otter Lake, Agusk Lake, Severn River Provincial Park, and Moshikopaw Lake.

Another new fire, North Bay 7, was confirmed today. It is not under control and is 0.5 hectares in size. It is located approximately 3 kilometres northwest of Buffalo Rock on the western shore of Lake Timiskaming. Four Twin Otter waterbombers and a lead birddog aircraft are conducting aerial fire suppression in the area this evening.

The fire hazard varies from high to extreme throughout most of the Northeast region. Areas southeast of Mattawa and generally south of Burk’s Falls are experiencing predominantly moderate to high fire hazard values.

Fires of Note

Cochrane 7 and 11 are significant fires that were confirmed in June. Cochrane 7 is a 37,742 hectare wildland fire located northeast of Lake Abitibi and is not under control. Cochrane 11 is estimated at 805 hectares and is located approximately 5 km west of the community of Fort Albany and south of Big Island. The fire is being held.

Cochrane 25, Chapleau 3, and Chapleau 6 are also notable fires. Cochrane 25 is located approximately 21 kilometers southeast of Moose Factory and is 2.5 hectares in size. Chapleau 3 and 6 are wildland fires located near October Lake, Vichaw Lake, Morin Lake, and Bolkow Lake. They are being held.

Restricted Fire Zone in Effect

A restricted fire zone remains in effect for the entire fire region of Ontario. Outdoor fires are banned. Residents are urged to use extreme care with any activities that could potentially spark a fire.

Implementation Orders

Effective as of 7am Wednesday July 5, 2023, travel, use and access restrictions will be revoked in the Northeast Region – MNRF Chapleau-Wawa District (CHA003 fire). However, restrictions remain in place for the MNRF Hearst-Cochrane-Kapuskasing District (COC006 and COC007 fires) under the Emergency Area Order (EAO 2023-03) effective June 5, 2023.

Help Fight Forest Fires: Stay Clear of Waterbombers!

When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore so they can perform their scoop safely. A waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft pose a safety hazard.

No Drone Zone: Be Safe, Stay Clear of Forest Fires!

Flying drones around forest fires is both dangerous and illegal. When you fly a drone near a forest fire, you can put the lives of pilots, firefighters and other emergency personnel at risk.

Report a Wildland Fire

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. To report a forest fire located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, please dial 911.

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