Family Fun at Northwoods League Baseball Games: Thunder Bay Border Cats Lead the Charge

Take me out to the ball park and enjoy those tasty hotdogs
Take me out to the ball park and enjoy those tasty hotdogs

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO – A day at a Northwoods League baseball game is more than just watching a sports event. It’s a fun-filled family experience, particularly when you’re cheering for the Thunder Bay Border Cats, who are currently leading the league.

The Thunder Bay Border Cats return to Port Arthur Stadium Wednesday at 6:35 pm to open a two-game series against the Eau Claire Express. Thunder Bay native Jack Pineau (pee-no) is the scheduled starting pitcher in the opener for the Border Cats. Wednesday’s game is the first of a six-game homestand that will conclude the first half of the Northwoods League season.
The first half wraps up after play on Monday, July 3, and the winner of the Great Plains East Division in the first half gains a spot in the Northwoods League playoffs, which begin on August 13th.

Tickets are available at the Ticket Office at Port Arthur Stadium

Grandstand/Party Decks/1st Base Bleachers

Adult: $16.00
Senior (60+): $13.00
Students (with student ID card): $13.00
Children (4-12): $5.00
Infants (3 and under): FREE

A Grand Slam Experience for Kids and Grandkids

The Northwoods League offers a unique opportunity for children and grandchildren to witness the thrill of live baseball. With the Thunder Bay Border Cats on the field, excitement and energy are always at their peak. As of now, the Border Cats are showing their prowess on the diamond, leading the league and giving fans plenty to cheer about.

Fun, Games, and Learning

But it’s not all about the competitive sport.

There are mascots to meet, there are lots of things for the kids to do when their boundless energy takes over. Some kids are focused on chasing down foul balls in the hope of getting a precious souvenir.

Mid Inning Antics with the Kids – 2019 Style…

As wll there are mid-inning games that include the youngest fans. These activities not only entertain kids but also allow them to interact with the sport on a more personal level.

The trip to the ball park also involves, of course ball park food. The Thunder Bay Border Cats realize and appreciate their youngest fans, there are affordable family offerings at the concession stands.

It’s also a great chance for them to learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and the spirit of competition, all while having a blast.

The Roar of the Crowd

Nothing compares to the roar of the crowd when the Border Cats hit a home run or make a stunning double play. This palpable excitement is a thrill for young and old fans alike. The shared cheers and high fives create a sense of community that children will remember for years to come.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Attending a Northwoods League game is also a great way to spend a day outdoors. The stadium is the perfect place to soak up the sun, munch on classic ballpark snacks, and enjoy the fresh air. It’s a perfect outing for grandchildren and grandparents to share, creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds.

Thunder Bay Border Cats: Leading the Charge

There’s a special excitement in the air this season, as the Thunder Bay Border Cats are leading the Northwoods League. The team’s dynamic play and sportsmanship are inspiring the younger generation of fans and players, showing them what can be achieved with determination, skill, and team spirit.

In conclusion, a day at a Northwoods League baseball game, especially when the Thunder Bay Border Cats are playing, is much more than a day at the ballpark. It’s an opportunity for children and grandchildren to experience the magic of live baseball, learn valuable life lessons, and make lasting memories with their families. So, grab your gloves and caps, and get ready for a family outing that promises fun, laughter, and maybe even a few autographs from the future stars of baseball.

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