Thunder Bay Police, OPP, and NAPS Collaborate in Successful ‘Operation Return’ Initiative

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Thunder Bay – NEWS – In a significant regional law enforcement development, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) North West Regional Intelligence Unit (NWRIU) has spearheaded a collaborative initiative called ‘Operation Return’. This strategic operation is backed by frontline OPP members, the Regional Support Team (RST), the Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Community Street Crimes Unit (CSCU), and the North West Region Crime Unit.

Collaborative Policing: The Power of Partnerships

The operation’s primary aim is to safely apprehend individuals who are currently wanted and have taken refuge in communities across the North West Region. The individuals are wanted for a variety of charges, including violent offences, drug-related crimes, property offences, and bail violations.

The Operation Return initiative embodies cooperative policing, with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) and the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service (NAPS) joining forces with the OPP.

Operation Return: Tackling Regional Criminal Activity

Last week, the focus of this cooperative effort was on Thunder Bay and its surrounding areas. A concentrated two-day effort resulted in the arrest of 31 people on outstanding OPP and TBPS warrants. The overarching vision of these actions is to enhance the safety and security of citizens in these areas.

Detective Sergeant Bob Steele of the North West Region Intelligence Unit emphasized the importance of such collaborative initiatives. “The OPP in the North West Region remains committed to developing intelligence initiatives that preserve the safety of all citizens and communities across the region. This recent partnership with the Thunder Bay Police Service and NAPS in Operation Return has enhanced this initiative and allows the police services to work collectively in the NWR in support of the common goal of preserving public safety,” he said.

Achievements and Future Plans of Operation Return

So far, Operation Return has been a triumphant regional intelligence initiative, leading to the safe apprehension of 99 individuals with outstanding charges.

Detective Inspector Jeremy Pearson of the Thunder Bay Police Service expressed his pride in being part of this project. “Operation Return is another reminder of how police services across the region can work collaboratively to achieve positive results for the community. Criminal activity has no borders. Crime within the City of Thunder Bay can have serious impacts on surrounding communities and vice-versa, which is why these kinds of collaborations are so important,” Pearson stated.

As for the future, Operation Return will continue in all communities across the North West Region, with an unyielding focus on public safety. The collaborative initiative is a testament to the power of partnerships in enhancing regional safety, and it sets a significant precedent for future cooperative law enforcement efforts.

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