Stop with the Comparisons! Cindy Monroe Helps Female Entrepreneurs Let Go and Thrive


    What if you could pursue your dreams without worrying about disapproving voices or the pressure to “measure up”? What if you never underestimated your power and ability by comparing yourself to others you thought were ahead of you? What if you could invest in yourself and your goals without feeling guilty or ashamed?

    This is what Cindy Monroe wants for you. As an author, leadership mentor, and founder and executive chairwoman of the multimillion-dollar company Thirty-One Gifts, she aims to make this a reality for female business leaders and entrepreneurs.

    Having started as a mompreneur, Monroe knows the challenges of juggling work and family responsibilities. As a result, she is eager to help other women find their place in the entrepreneurial and corporate mainstream. Through her role at Thirty-One, her book, her podcast, and her mentorship work, Monroe is helping moms and women in business let go of their fears, doubts, and comparisons to pursue the lives they truly desire.

    On her podcast, Permission to Lead, Monroe shares insights to help women in business who want to achieve more, lead effectively, and flourish in their business and personal lives. Monroe delves into issues like imposter syndrome, title comparison, vision castings, etc., to provide actionable steps for thriving at work and home. The podcast serves as a medium to upskill female entrepreneurs and show them how to get past the “glass ceiling.”

    Monroe has dedicated herself to helping female entrepreneurs break through their inner barriers and take their businesses to the next level. By offering candid advice, the latest tools, and strategies for success, Monroe is helping women everywhere realize that there’s no such thing as “not enough” – each one of us has the potential to take charge and make a difference.

    “I am passionate about empowering and supporting women, and I want them to give themselves permission to lead in family and business,” says Monroe.

    It’s time to stop with the comparisons and instead focus on what you can accomplish. To know more about Cindy Monroe and her leadership strategies, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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