June 21, 2023 – The Hot and Humid Weather Continues for Western and Northern Ontario

Heat Warning

Thunder Bay – Weather – National Indigenous People’s Day 2023 is going to be hot and sunny for the most part. Heat Warnings are in effect for the entire region except for a thin band around Lake Superior.

Thunder Bay SunScreen and Sunshine

Good morning, Thunder Bay! Let’s talk about today’s weather, which, by the way, is looking brighter than a polished diamond.

Today, the sun has decided to put on its finest show, bringing a day filled with pure sunshine. Not a single cloud is brave enough to venture into the sky today, and we can’t blame them. The sun is ruling the roost with a high of 24 degrees. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy a picnic in the park, or maybe just bask in the sun while pretending to read that book you’ve been carrying around. Just remember to wear your sunscreen, you wouldn’t want to turn as red as a lobster, now would you?

Moving onto tonight, the sky is sticking to its minimalist theme. It’s planning on staying as clear as a bell, making it a perfect night for stargazing. With a low of 8 degrees, make sure you bring a cozy blanket if you decide to gaze at the constellations. It might get a tad chilly, and we wouldn’t want you to start impersonating a popsicle, now would we?

So there you have it, folks. A day full of sunshine and a night full of stars. It doesn’t get much better than this. Stay fabulous, Thunder Bay!

Fort Frances Scorcher with Sunshine! Remember the Sunsceen!

Rise and shine, Fort Frances! It’s time to brace yourselves for a day hotter than a jalapeño in a sauna, as we have a heat warning in effect. Now, we’re not saying it’s going to be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk (that’s a myth, by the way), but it’s definitely a day to crank up the AC and stay hydrated.

The sun has decided to put on its most brilliant performance, turning the dial up to a sizzling 31 degrees. But hold onto your hats, folks! The wind is joining the party, becoming south 20 km/h and gusting to 40 early this morning. It’s like nature’s own hairdryer, but a lot less useful for your morning styling routine.

Now, don’t be fooled by that high of 31. With the Humidex, it’s going to feel more like a sticky 35 degrees. So, you might want to put off any strenuous outdoor activities for another day, unless you enjoy turning into a human puddle.

As for tonight, the sky will start off clear but will become a bit indecisive later in the evening. We’re expecting increasing cloudiness and a 30 percent chance of showers overnight. It seems the clouds might try to cool us down with a nighttime sprinkle.

But that’s not all! The weather gods have decided to throw in a risk of a thunderstorm overnight as well. So, you might want to keep your windows shut unless you want a natural, and potentially wet, midnight wake-up call.

The wind will continue its gusty dance from the south at 20 km/h but will become lighter early in the evening. The temperature will drop to a more comfortable 17 degrees, giving us a much-needed break from the daytime heat.

So, folks, it’s going to be a hot one today. Stay cool, stay safe, and remember – ice cream is an excellent way to beat the heat. Enjoy your day, Fort Frances!

Vermilion Bay and Dryden – You Won’t Need a Sauna Today!

The heat warning continues today, with the sun decided to show off its rays in all their glory. It’s going to be a sunglasses and sunhat kind of day, folks. The wind will be joining in too, becoming south 20 km/h and gusting up to 40 this morning. With the wind blowing and the sun shining, it’s going to feel like Mother Nature’s turned on the blow-dryer and the heat lamp all at once!

The mercury will be shooting up to a sizzling 30 degrees, but don’t be fooled – with the humidex, it’s going to feel like a stickier 33. So, you might want to swap out your sweater for a swimsuit, or at least something breezy.

Tonight, we’re in for a cosmic treat. The sky will be partly cloudy, perfect for stargazing early on. But be warned, the sky will be swapping its star-spangled blanket for a cloudier quilt after midnight. There’s also a 30% chance of showers overnight. It might just be the sky’s way of cooling us down, or perhaps the clouds have a sense of drama and are prepping the stage for the risk of a thunderstorm also forecasted overnight.

The wind will continue its gusty performance from the south at 20 km/h but will decide to take a rest early in the evening. The temperature will dip to a more relaxed 19 degrees, so you might want to keep a blanket handy for those late-night patio chats.

So there you have it, Dryden and Vermilion Bay. It’s a scorcher today! Stay cool, remember the sunscreen, and enjoy your day. Don’t forget, an ice-cold lemonade is never a bad idea on a day like this!

Kenora – Hotter than a Red Hot Chilli Pepper!

The heat warning is still going strong, folks. The sun is going to be playing a game of peekaboo with the clouds today. One moment it’s there, the next it’s hidden – it’s like the sky’s version of a magic show! The wind is also making its presence known today. It’ll be huffing and puffing from the south at 30 km/h, gusting up to a whopping 50 km/h, before deciding to chill out this afternoon.

With a high of 29 degrees, it’s going to be a hot one. But wait, there’s more! Factor in the humidex, and it’s going to feel like a steamy 34 degrees. So, make sure you’ve got your water bottle handy – hydration is key, folks!

Moving on to tonight, it looks like the clouds are taking over the sky, and they’re bringing a 60 percent chance of showers with them. It’s almost as if the sky is saying, “You’re hot, let me cool you down.” But, don’t be surprised if the thunder decides to add its own drumroll to the evening, as there’s a risk of a thunderstorm.

The wind isn’t ready to call it a day just yet. It’s going to continue from the southwest at 20 km/h, before deciding to take a break late this evening. As for the temperature, it’s going to drop to a more manageable 17 degrees. So, if you’re planning a late-night stroll, you might want to grab a light jacket.

There you have it, Kenora. It’s going to be a day full of heat, wind, and a bit of a water show later tonight. Stay cool, stay safe, and remember: there’s no better day to enjoy a scoop (or two) of your favourite ice cream! Enjoy your day!

Sachigo Lake: Dance in the Heat and Stay Hydrated!

The heat warning continues, so it’s time to crank up the fans and break out the icy beverages. While the sun is playing hard-to-get, hiding behind the clouds for the most part, don’t let that fool you. The temperature will be cranking up to a sweaty 29 degrees. But wait, there’s more! With the humidex, it’s going to feel like a tropical 35 degrees. So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience the Amazon without leaving home, today’s your day!

And it seems the clouds aren’t just here for decoration. They’ve brought with them a 70 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. It’s like the sky is putting on its own water park show. And let’s not forget about the UV index, which is sitting at a high 6. So, don’t forget that sunscreen – nobody wants to look like a boiled lobster!

As the day turns to night, the sky will clear up a bit, but it’s not done with the waterworks just yet. There’s a 60 percent chance of showers this evening and after midnight, with the risk of a thunderstorm thrown into the mix. So, you might want to keep your umbrella handy, unless you fancy a surprise night-time shower.

The temperature will drop to a cool 13 degrees, providing a much-needed break from the day’s heat. So, you might want to grab a comfy sweater if you’re planning on counting the stars tonight.

So there you have it, Sachigo Lake. Despite the heat, it’s going to be an exciting day with the potential for a bit of a sky spectacle. Stay cool, stay dry, and remember – there’s nothing like a popsicle to beat the heat. Enjoy your day!