Exclusive Insight: Reni Abina, the Nigerian Fashion Designer, Reveals the Intricate Process of Fabric Printing for the Rendoll


    Have you ever stopped to think about how those stunning prints on your most cherished clothing items come to be? Reni Abina, the creative mastermind  behind the Rendoll Collection, after years of experience, has optimized this process for her brand.

    Reni’s aim is to ensure that each print on her clothing line is exclusive to her brand. Her brand reflects her sense of fashion. Although she takes inspiration from current trends, she stays within the theme of her brand. In this article, we will look closer at the behind-the-scenes of Reni Abina’s fabric printing process and the hard work and dedication it takes to create the perfect print.

    The Beginning

    Reni reveals that creating prints for the Rendoll Collection was not easy for her. Initially, she used readily available prints but soon realized they were not exclusive to her. She noticed other designers were using the same prints, which didn’t sit well with her.

    She wanted her brand to stand out and be unique. And that kick- started her journey to work with print designers who could create exclusive prints for her brand.

    Design Process

    Reni explains that she gives print designers an idea of the colors and theme  she wants, and they create several options for her. Reni then makes improvements to them until she is satisfied with the final design

    Printing Process

    After the design process, the next step is to print the design on fabric. Reni reveals this can be challenging as the print may look different on various fabrics. Sometimes the print may look great on cotton but not on silk. Therefore, there is a lot of hit and trial until she gets the perfect print on the desired fabric.

    Sample Making

    To minimize the risk of losing money, Reni Abina always starts by making a sample. This small amount of fabric helps her determine if the manufacturer has matched her specifications. Once satisfied, she takes a leap of faith and goes for a bigger order.

    The Rendoll Collection is a reflection of Reni’s passion for fashion and her commitment to creating exclusive prints for her brand. Reni’s fabric printing process is intricate and requires a lot of time, effort, and trust.

    Reni Abina is quickly growing her brand in the fashion industry. Not only because she produces top-notch quality clothing with beautiful designs but also because of her stance on ethical fashion. She believes one should not fear higher costs and cut workers’ wages. This is why she shows her commitment to ethical fashion and pays her laborers above-average wages.

    Reni’s focus on ethical fashion is a welcome change in the fashion industry and sets a positive example for other designers to follow.

    To learn more about Reni’s collection, follow her on Pinterest.

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