Alexander Zarbo: The Time-Traveling Maestros of 80’s Remixes Reigns Supreme

Alexander Zarbo: The Time-Traveling Maestros of 80’s Remixes Reigns Supreme

The ’80s, oh my! The era that gave us big hair, bright leg warmers, and some very funky music. Even while we may have said goodbye to that time period a long time ago, one artist is committed to preserving its spirit. Let me introduce you to Zarbo, the master of time-traveling 80s remixes who is sweeping the music industry!

Zarbo, who hails from the Great White North, is well-known in the music industry. He was the driving force behind Zarbo, a power pop-rock trio that melted hearts and rocked stages back in the day. In the present, this accomplished musician and producer has reinvented himself and given fresh life to his earlier music.

“Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix), one of “Zarbo’s most recent composition, gives this potent, pop-infused rock anthem a contemporary facelift. Imagine your favorite 80s songs enhanced with upbeat flavors, memorable electronic drops, and dance music that inspires even the least rhythmically adept among us to break into a jig.

However, Zarbo’s brilliance doesn’t end there. Since the year 2020, he has revived the Zarbo brand with magical success and wow, has he been successful! His stirring electro remixes of “Get Up and Dance” and “Correction in Direction” have taken  over the Euro music chart and the World indie music chart, holding the coveted top superior, weeks on the end. Get up and dance hit number one spot in Canadian electronic iTunes, February of 2021. With his blend of EDM, pop, and hip hop, he has successfully attracted both committed followers and a whole new generation.

Zarbo stands out for his steadfast conviction that dance and EDM are not simply forms of entertainment but rather the very essence of existence. Zarbo’s music breaks through the din and takes us to a World of vivacious beats and contagious enthusiasm in a World full of monotony and dull routines. It’s like a musical time machine that takes us back to the days of shoulder pads and leg warmers while firmly establishing us in the present.

You will also find all eight songs from the “A-Z Collection” LP of the ’80s, in its remastered 2020 versions, truly treasures for any audiophile collection. To mention a few, Zarbo’s ability to recreate past hits is just astounding, from the engaging”Getting To The Point” to the soulful “Oh Momentum,” which is impossible to ignore. With songs like “Change Your Ways” and “Runnaway,” he releases a flood of nostalgia that really touches us.

Zarbo is here to make you forget your problems, take you

back in time, and remind you that life is better with a healthy dosage of dance music. So get ready to dance like no one is looking.

Let the rhythm take charge and let your problems go, to quote the immortal Zarbo. “You start with your motions subconsciously unlock the door, And carry your fantasy gradually bend more and more”.

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