June 19, 2023: Weather Mix Calls for Sun, Cloud, Smoke and HEAT HEAT HEAT!

After care for spring


Thunder Bay a Mix of Sun and Cloud

Here’s the scoop on what Mother Nature has in store for us. Looks like she couldn’t decide between sun and clouds, so she said, ‘why not both?’ Expect a hearty mix of sun and clouds today, with the temperature peaking at a comfy 22 degrees. But don’t let that fool you! Our UV index is strutting its stuff at a 9. That’s right, it’s in the ‘very high’ category! So unless you’re a tomato trying to ripen on the vine, you better slap on that sunscreen and don those fashionable shades.

As for tonight, it’s going to be as clear as my grandmother’s crystal ball. The stars will be out in full force, twinkling like mischievous eyes in the night. So, why not dust off that old telescope or make a wish or two? And with the mercury dipping to a cool 10 degrees, you might want to dig out your favourite snuggly sweater. Unless, of course, you’re a polar bear – in which case, it’s perfect!

So there you have it, folks! A day of sun, clouds, and starlit clarity. Stay sun-smart and enjoy the cosmic display tonight! Thunder Bay weather, always keeping us on our toes!

Fort Frances: Heat Warning is Effect – Stay Hydrated!

We start the day with a heat warning. That’s right, folks! The sun’s really turning up the heat and flirting with the 29-degree mark. You might be asking, ‘But what about the Humidex?’ Well, it’s trying to steal the show with a scorching 35. So, stay hydrated, folks! Remember, you’re not a cactus!

The sky seems to be in a bit of a mood today – mainly cloudy, but with a little local smoke this morning. It’s like a sulky teenager who hasn’t had his morning coffee yet. And to add to the fun, our UV index is playing high stakes again with a score of 8. So, bring out those hats, sunscreens and your best ‘too cool to be hot’ attitude.

Now, moving on to the evening. The clouds will be packing their bags and the wind will be clocking out early. Expect a gentle southern breeze before it signs off for the day. The night will be as clear as a freshly cleaned window, perfect for a little stargazing, and the temperature will be kicking back at a balmy 19 degrees.

So, to sum up: it’s going to be hot, hazy, and a little breezy. But don’t worry, Fort Frances – we’ve got this! Stay cool, and let’s show this weather who’s boss!

Dryden and Vermilion Bay – Set for Hide n’ Seek with the Sun!

Let’s unwrap the weather gift box and see what we have today!

Our morning is playing a game of hide and seek with clouds and local smoke. It’s as if the sky woke up and decided to add some drama with a dash of smoke and a pinch of cloud. So get ready for an atmospheric morning soap opera!

The wind, on the other hand, has some southern charm, rolling in at 20 km/h near noon. We’ve got a high of 28 degrees, and the Humidex is flexing its muscles at 33. And if you’re wondering about the UV index, it’s decided to join the high club with a score of 7. That’s right, folks, it’s time to wear your favourite hat, slap on that sunscreen, and strut around like you own the place.

As evening rolls around, it looks like the sky will be clearing its throat and the stage for a starry performance. The wind will be changing its tune, too, swinging southeast at 20 km/h before it decides to take the night off. And with the thermometer chilling at a comfortable 18 degrees, it’s a great night for a little moonlit walk or gazing at the stars.

In short, folks, it’s a bit of a mix today: a bit smoky, a bit cloudy, a bit windy, and a bit hot. But hey, variety is the spice of life, right? So stay hydrated, stay protected, and enjoy the day! Dryden and Vermilion Bay, let’s weather the weather, whatever the weather!

Kenora – Hot Enough for You!?

Buckle up, because it’s going to be a hot one!

We’ve got a heat warning in effect today, folks. It’s so hot, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk! But please don’t, because that’s just messy. Instead, make sure to drink plenty of water and stay cool. We wouldn’t want you to turn into a raisin, now would we?

Today it’s mainly sunny with a smidgen of local smoke this morning. It seems like the sky’s trying a new smoky eye look! And the wind, well, it’s got a southern drawl and it’s breezing in at 20 km/h. With a high of 29 degrees and a Humidex of 34, it’s the perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy that air conditioning you’ve been bragging about!

Now, let’s talk about the UV index. It’s sitting at an 8 today, which is ‘very high’. So, if you do step outside, don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, and a good layer of sunscreen. We wouldn’t want you to get a sunburn and start looking like a lobster, would we?

Moving on to tonight, we’ve got clear skies with a southeastern wind blowing at 20 km/h. But don’t get too comfortable, because after midnight, this wind is going to put on its dancing shoes and start gusting up to 40 km/h! And with a low of 20 degrees, it’s the perfect weather for an indoor movie night.

So there you have it, Kenora! A day full of sun, heat, and a playful wind.

Wasaho Cree Nation: Keep The Elders in Mind Air Quality Alert in Effect

Wasaho Cree Nation! Get ready for the rollercoaster ride that is today’s weather!

First things first, the atmosphere decided to go rogue today, triggering an air quality alert. So, make sure to take care of yourself and others, especially if you’re planning a marathon or a football match. It might be a better day for indoor board games!

The sky seems to be feeling a bit moody today, with mainly cloudy conditions. But wait, there’s more! It couldn’t make up its mind about the showers, so it’s offering a tantalizing 30% chance of rain both early this morning and this afternoon. Talk about indecisive!

But the drama doesn’t stop there, folks. Brace yourselves because there’s a risk of a thunderstorm. It’s like Mother Nature decided to put on her own rock concert, complete with smoke effects! So, you might want to keep that umbrella close at hand.

Now, let’s talk numbers. We’re looking at a high of 26 degrees today, but with the Humidex, it’s going to feel like a sticky 31. And the UV index? It’s set at a ‘high’ 6, so make sure to protect your skin. You wouldn’t want to turn into a lobster, would you?

As for tonight, the sky will continue to be as cloudy as a mystery novel, with another 30% chance of showers early in the evening and some local smoke. The temperature will cool down to a low of 11, so it might be a good time to break out those cozy blankets.

In summary, folks, it’s going to be a bit of a mixed bag today, with clouds, possible showers, and a chance of a thunderstorm. But hey, life’s never boring in the Wasaho Cree Nation! Stay safe, stay cool, and let’s tackle this day together!

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