Bastiano Ferrari is giving James Bond vibes in his upcoming TV series


    Making a mark in the entertainment industry is not an easy task. Bastiano Farran Ferrari has become an established name in Hollywood and proved his mettle as one of the finest producers and actors. Rumor has it that Bastiano will finally star in a new TV show.

    Bastiano, who appeared on the big screen after years in ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is now rumoured to feature in a TV show. Besides being a prolific actor, Bastiano has made a big name in the tech world. Ever since his move to the tech industry, Bastiano had been away from television. As the news has been doing the rounds, nothing has been officially confirmed by the star.

    A few scenes from his upcoming TV series were leaked which left his fans in a frenzy. As per the leaked scenes, fans were amazed to see Bastiano in a power-packed avatar giving a James Bond vibe. One of the pool scenes from the TV series certainly caught everyone’s attention as the actor was seen in perfect shape.

    The B-Live TV show star in a recent interview stated that he does not have any plans to do other TV shows in a short sight. Furthermore, sources close to him suggest that Bastiano is more focused on doing big-scale movie projects in action, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy genres. And it would not be wrong to say that Bastiano has moulded his personality for doing larger-than-life cinema.

    Apart from this, the superstar is constantly approached by reputed production houses from Hollywood. Recently, Bastiano has joined hands with Chrys Phillips, the creator of the best-selling book series ‘Magic Wars Saga’ to bring the characters and storyline to the big screen through a trilogy. According to the reports, Bastiano has 50% rights to the book series, and with his unique skill set and business expertise, will bring forth a new franchise that will create a big mark in the film world. Fans are eagerly waiting for the big announcement from Ferrari.

    With so much happening in the professional space, Bastiano is making sure to treat his fans with a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. As of now, everyone has got their eyes on the much-talked TV show. Moreover, fans have already started speculating if the actor will portray a secret agent on the small screen. To know about it, we tried to contact Bastiano. Unfortunately, he was unavailable to comment.

    With the recent media interviews and interactions Bastiano has wooed everyone with his humbleness. Despite garnering popularity, the star has not let the fame get into his head. Paparazzi has captured many moments of Bastiano being courteous with the media and kind to his fans. This matches his personality, for along with his successful journey as an actor and producer, Bastiano Farran Ferrari is also a philanthropist. Bastiano has led several charitable activities for children suffering from cancer. Not to forget, he also extended his support for women’s empowerment in Africa. On the work front, Bastiano has soared to newer heights in the tech industry as he founded an SMI, which prospered to a 16 billion dollar industry leader after its acquisition.

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