Thunder Bay Police Investigating Suspicious Motorist Incident Involving Youths

Thunder Bay Police Service Patrol Supervisor

Older Male Allegedly Offers Youths a Ride to Local Liquor Store, Police Seek Further Information

THUNDER BAY – The Thunder Bay Police Service is actively investigating a disconcerting incident that occurred on Sunday, June 4, involving a suspicious motorist who allegedly approached several young individuals, offering them a ride to a nearby liquor store.

The incident was reported to the authorities at around 3 p.m. on the said date. The motorist, who has been described as an older white male, was reportedly in the vicinity of the 600-block area of Arthur Street West.

It was at this location that the man is alleged to have approached a youth and propositioned them with a ride to the LCBO.

Upon being offered a ride to the liquor store, the youths wisely declined. The motorist, undeterred, purportedly asked once again before eventually driving away from the scene.

Members of the Primary Response Branch were promptly dispatched and conducted a thorough search of the area. However, they were unsuccessful in locating the vehicle in question.

Despite this, the ongoing investigation has yielded some promising leads. The police have been able to identify a potential driver linked to the incident. They are currently in the process of making contact with this individual to further their investigation.

The Thunder Bay Police Service is urging anyone with additional information regarding this incident to come forward and assist in the investigation.

For parents, it is likely a good idea to talk about this incident and share the dangers or getting into the vehicle of anyone they don’t know.

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