Learn About the Inner Workings of the Ear with Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs


    Every part of the human body plays a significant role in ensuring it is functioning properly. Yet most people need to take the time to learn adequately about it. It is often so strictly limited to an elementary understanding that people can hardly identify when their health is at risk. With this very reason in mind, Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs wrote her book, A Sound Adventure, to help educate people on the inner workings of the ears. She wrote the book hoping to help people with hearing disabilities be seen and understood in a new light. 

    Since she has started practicing, Dr. Tubbs has observed that not many people give importance to regular check-ups when it comes to their ears – perhaps owing to the limited understanding of their holistic health. She has chalked up the reason behind such thinking to two factors. 

    First, she believes that people need to be educated more regarding the working of our ears. They might have the basic knowledge of sound going into the ear and to the brain, but what about the process in between? The second thing she has observed is that unlike our other senses, mostly sight, people are unaware of the stressors and factors that can lead to hearing loss. 

    To tackle the first problem, Dr. Tubbs wrote A Sound Adventure, a book that tells the story of two children, as they magically navigate through the inner structure of their father’s ear. The book uses illustrations to help explain everything in easy-to-understand words. 

    While her primary target audience is children, Dr. Tubbs hopes it will also help educate adults. She believes that people should be aware of the ear’s inner workings and its importance; people can be less anxious when discussing their hearing loss problems with their physicians. With a better understanding of the working of the ear, people can even identify what might be wrong with them before confirming it with an expert. 

    The second factor is most concerning, in Dr. Tubbs’ opinion. People tend to take their ears for granted; most of the time, they might skip out when it comes to their hygiene and taking care of their ears. This might lead to gradual hearing loss. To avoid something like this from happening, one should wear some protection when around loud noises, such as while attending a concert or working at construction. The usage of headphones should be kept to a minimum; otherwise, the loud volume can cause severe ear damage. These are only a few ways to take care of their auditory system. 

    Dr. Tubbs hopes to educate people on the importance of personal measures when it comes to human hearing. It is just as delicate as any other sense the human body possesses. Regular check-ups with an expert are the best way to prevent long-term effects. If a person is feeling anything that they suspect is causing damage to their ears, they should contact their physician immediately. Untreated hearing loss can not only lead to a physical impairment, but can cause the person to become socially isolated as well. 

    Learn more about Dr. Tubbs’s social activities by visiting her social media here. 

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