Here Are the 10 Top PR Firms in the USA [2023]


    If you are hoping to try PR for your brand or business in 2023, knowing what to look for is crucial. To put it simply, PR is all about making you look great in the media as a means to improve trust and credibility with potential buyers. There are lots of different ways that firms do this, including pitching to the press, thought leadership, social media and content marketing campaigns, and reputation management.

    However, every PR firm will of course promise to deliver on these things. In order to find your perfect match, you need to be clear about what your goals are so you can find a firm with relevant experience and case studies. Then, you need to ask yourself: does this firm align with my own company’s values and goals? The PR process can actually be a lot of fun, and ensuring you land your perfect perfect match is going to make this as positive an experience as possible.

    To help narrow down your search, let’s start by looking at the 10 top public relations firms in the USA for 2023, according to UpCity.

    1. Otter PR

    You only need to land on the Otter PR website to get a sense of the energy this newer, rapidly-growing company brings to the pr and communications industry. Established back in early 2020, this full-service firm already has two offices in St Petersburg and Orlando and over 45 employees. Their case studies page is full of impressive tech-centric clients in top industry publications, along with splashy, fun campaigns in lifestyle and culture with plenty of national hits. “Our team of publicists has over 300 years of combined experience creating PR plans that get valuable media coverage for a variety of brands,” the website reads. “With highly experienced publicists and a world-class writing staff, you will be blown away by what we can accomplish.”

    In 2022, O’Dwyer’s named Otter PR the fastest-growing public relations agency in the United States. Their rapid growth and commitment to providing outstanding service for each of its clients make Otter PR one of the best PR firms in the USA for 2023.

    1. Intero Digital

    Along with offering a whole selection of marketing, branding, and creative services specializing in media relations,Intero Digital also offers digital marketing services and PR for brands “looking to build awareness, drive traffic, and build credibility.” They say PR might just be the “missing piece of your digital marketing puzzle.”

    Their PR offering serves as an extension of a business’s marketing team, which they say can amplify reach and generate results through their collaborative approach, including press mentions, press releases, podcast appearances, interviews, and Q&As. With a wide array of PR services offered, this full-service public relations firm is a solid pick for anyone seeking social media marketing or other integrated marketing from one of the best PR firms in America.

    1. Ignite Visibility

    Ignite Visibility promises to earn clients a buzz, fast. “Our team of talented publicists have the skills to efficiently communicate with the public, both through compelling digital and traditional public relations tactics,” says the website of this public relations and communications agency. “Our relationships with media, online influencers and bloggers drive visibility to you by featuring your brand on large social media sites, blogs and local and national publications, keeping you in the spotlight.”

    Their client roster includes Tony Robbins, 5-Hour Energy, The Knot Worldwide, and Sharp Healthcare. They’re also SEO experts, meaning they ensure that their efforts are focused on boosting your reach and presence online.

    1. Business Marketing Solutions Group

    Based in Charlotte, South Carolina, Business Marketing Solutions Group is a creative agency that specializes in branding, websites, review management, and more. All of their solutions are hands-on and customized to “increase brand awareness, tell the business’ story, and generate leads.” With an impressive network consisting of journalists, bloggers, business owners, and more, they utilize digital channels to provide clients with enough coverage to start getting their names out there.

    “Regardless of whether you’re a tech startup with an upcoming exhibition event or a budding influencer with a meet and greet to market, we can help bring you the attention you deserve,” they share. “Our team has made it a point to work with businesses and people we love and believe in. Together, we can make things happen.”

    1. 9thWonder

    What sets 9thWonder apart from other PR companies is its ability to offer full-service digital marketing initiatives including brand strategy, research, creative content, website development, and more, alongside public relations. Underneath their PR umbrella are strategies including media relations, strategic partnerships, communications training, and more.

    As a global PR agency, you can find 9thWonder headquartered throughout the USA in Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Dallas, and Detroit, as well as internationally in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Nha Trang, Vietnam. They’ve worked on stylish independent PR campaigns for the likes of Samsung, Honda, Budweiser, and more, marking them as a top full-service agency to partner with in 2023.

    1. Social Fire Media

    This multi-award-winning agency based in Philadelphia firm operates across a whole variety of services like social media advertising and management, branding, marketing, and public relations. “The web can be a confusing and overwhelming obstacle to get your business thriving online,” they share on the website. “Engaging your customers or just making it an easier experience is no easy task!” When it comes to PR, they insist that every company has a story they tell, and they want to help you share it. “Social Fire Media can help put you in the spotlight.”

    This firm not only works tirelessly to earn media placements for its clients, but also offers a broad spectrum of personalized marketing strategies to help companies determine the best approach to the PR industry possible. For technology companies, marketing companies, consulting firms, financial communications companies, or others simply seeking to convey a more complex message to prospective clients, Social Fire Media ranks among the 10 best firms in the USA to help them achieve their goals.

    1. Antenna Group

    Antenna Group is a full-service agency that helps to “transmit messages that matter” for B2B companies in high-growth and high-impact matters. They do this through thought leadership, crisis communication, issue advocacy, reputation management, marketing and PR, and much more. Leveraging their decade of public relations experience, Antenna Group’s goal is to craft a story that “differentiates brands from competitors and drives measurable results.”

    They add: “We are committed to understanding the nuances of our clients’ business and then applying these critical insights into actionable strategies and deliverables that achieve successful business outcomes,” making them one of the best PR agencies to partner with in 2023.

    1. Scratch Marketing + Media

    Sometimes, even the game-changers need a little push to succeed. That’s exactly what Scratch Media + Marketingaims to do. “We’re here to help to empower businesses, improve lives, and help change the world,” they share. Working with a host of impressive high-ticket campaigns across transport, smart technology, and data platforms, this agency can help to “simplify really complex problems, deliver impactful results, and help clients soar” through its approach to public relations and integrated marketing in an ever-competitive landscape.

    1. The Brandon Agency

    With offices based in Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando, this versatile team works as an agency/consultancy hybrid to its clients across a broad array of industries. ”We are creative thought leaders and results-oriented communicators driven to drive awareness and engagement for your brand,” The Brandon Agency share on its website. “Our goal is to establish your credibility, engage target audiences with unique stories, and create a flurry of demand that will boost your bottom line.” They insist that their “expert team” will guide clients through the “ever-evolving media world to put you in the spotlight—and keep you there.”

    1. Zion & Zion

    As one of the best public relations firms in the USA, Zion & Zion offers PR and social media services to help clients get “the right message out to the right audience, in exactly the right way.” Whether it’s community relations, crisis communications, experiential, or just social media, their proven five-step process — discovery, evaluative research, strategy, implementation, and follow-up — has made for some impressive case studies.

    Having worked with Mcdonald’s, Walmart, Sun Health, and more, their work demonstrates an impressive blend of creativity and analytical strategy. With its ability to help all of its clients succeed — from small startups to Fortune 500 companies — Zion & Zion is certainly a public relations company to be on the lookout for in 2023.

    In an ever-changing media landscape, keeping on top of your image is crucial. Choosing your perfect PR match is all about finding a firm that will always have your best interest at heart and will go above and beyond — not just moving through the motions, but doing exactly what is best for your brand. Before you rush into making a decision with so many exciting prospects ahead of you, ensure you do thorough research and find a firm that is truly going to become an extended part of your team and become your perfect match.




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