Beware of Spoofed Police Phone Numbers, Warns Thunder Bay Police Service

Thunder Bay Police Service Unit 274
Thunder Bay Police Service Unit 274

Potential Scammers May Be Misrepresenting Themselves as Local Law Enforcement

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – The Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) is issuing a warning to the public about an ongoing issue involving the spoofing of police phone numbers. Local residents have reported receiving calls from unknown individuals, with their caller ID falsely displaying the number of a police-issued phone or the name ‘Thunder Bay Police Service.’

While the motivations of these callers remain unclear, the TBPS is urging the public to remain vigilant as this could potentially be part of a prank or a scam operation.

It’s important to note that most calls from police-issued numbers will usually appear on caller ID as “unknown” or “private.” Caller ID can be spoofed, so it should not be relied upon to verify the identity of the person or organization attempting to contact you.

The Thunder Bay Police Service reminds residents that they have the lawful right to question the identity of an individual claiming to be a police officer.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about someone alleging to be a member of the Thunder Bay Police Service, they are advised to reach out to the non-emergency line at (807) 684-1200.

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