Kenora OPP Investigate Multiple Winter Break-Ins at Local Cottages

OPP Cruiser

Several cottage owners find their properties looted on returning after winter months

KENORA – NEWS – A series of break-ins occurring during the winter months have left several cottage owners around the City of Kenora in distress. Kenora’s Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), in collaboration with the Forensic Identifications Service (FIS), is actively investigating these incidents, which took place on islands in close proximity to Kenora.

Upon their return, numerous cottage owners discovered that their properties had been breached and searched, with perpetrators looking for valuable items. The stolen goods ranged from jewelry and personal items to alcohol.

The police have noted a common trend where cottage owners frequently leave behind valuables and alcohol when closing up for the season. As a consequence, the OPP is urging the public to either take with them or secure their valuables and alcohol when departing for an extended period.

The Kenora OPP Detachment remains dedicated to ensuring public safety and property protection. They encourage any members of the public who may have information related to this ongoing investigation to get in touch with the OPP at 1-888-310-1122. If you wish to provide information but remain anonymous, you may contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Ensuring the Safety of Your Cottage: Tips to Enhance Property Protection

Arriving at your camp or cottage to open it for the season only to find you have been the victim of a break-in and your respite has been ravaged is frustrating.

While some times there is little you can do to prevent a determined thief, there are things you can do to lessen the possibility of a break-in.

First off, whether you’re escaping the harsh winter months or leaving your cottage for a summer vacation, securing your property while you’re away is crucial.

A cottage, often laden with sentimental and valuable items, can become an easy target for burglars.

Install a Security System

The first line of defence against burglaries is a solid security system. Modern security systems offer features such as motion detectors, door and window sensors, and even live video feed accessible remotely from your smartphone. Some can alert you to suspicious activities and enable you to contact local authorities, ensuring your property has a watchful eye even when you’re miles away.

Lock Doors and Windows

It may sound obvious, but ensuring all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving is an absolute must. Reinforce sliding doors and windows with metal bars to discourage forceful entry. Also, consider investing in deadbolts or smart locks for enhanced security.

Avoid Leaving Valuables in Plain Sight

Leaving valuable items visible from windows is an open invitation for burglars. Always ensure to store them out of sight. If possible, bring valuable possessions back with you or store them in a secure place like a safe.

Take away all the alcohol

Removing alcohol from your cottage and perhaps putting up a sign on the doors stating there are no cash, alcohol or valuables on the premises might cause thieves to move on and try another property.

Maintain Your Property

An unkempt property is a clear indicator of an absent owner. Regular maintenance keeps your cottage looking inhabited. Hiring a local service to mow the lawn, clear the snow, or even just pick up the mail can go a long way towards preventing unwanted attention.

Install Timed Lights

Install timers on indoor and outdoor lights to give the illusion that the property is occupied. The sporadic switching on and off of lights can deter potential burglars, who are less likely to target a property if they think someone is home.

Be Careful with Social Media

Posting about your vacation on social media could alert potential burglars to your empty home. Consider sharing your travel experiences after you’ve returned home to avoid broadcasting an unattended property.

Involve Your Neighbours

If you have trusted neighbours or a community association, let them know about your plans. They can keep an eye out for unusual activity and notify the authorities if something seems amiss.


While it’s impossible to guarantee complete security for your cottage while you’re away, these tips can significantly reduce the risk of burglary. By taking preventative measures, you can enjoy your time away with the peace of mind that your cherished retreat is safe and secure.

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