“I Am Not Just a Singer; I Am a Musician,” Explains Kique Gomez, The Voice Finalist


    Performing on a platform as big as NBC’s “The Voice” is groundbreaking and brilliant for an emerging singer and musician. Many talented people come onto the show to portray their talents and what they can do as singers in the entertainment industry. These gifted people are mentored by the judges and trained in the ways of the industry to help them acclimate to it seamlessly. Kique Gomez, a finalist in the show, was mentored by Gwen Stefani and emerged as one of the top 10 contestants for the season.

    The Cuban singer was appreciated by the judges for his different renditions of age-old songs. Kique takes a piece everybody knows and loves and changes it to fit his personality. He then serenades the crowd, and everyone goes crazy for it. Kique wants to showcase his talents as a singer and musician by creating different renditions of songs. One of his most popular renditions was Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” He has received praise from other judges as well, like Camilla Cabello and John Legend. Despite not being his mentor, they are confident that he will make ripples in the music industry.

    He is also adamant about showcasing his other talents, such as making music and compositions. Superstition by Stevie Wonder is just one of the songs he changed and made his own; Kique has also dipped his feet into songs by Sean Kingston, Outkast, and Harry Styles. He is a skilled musician with the talent and skill to make any song his own and perform it for the crowd who love every second of it. Winning the hearts of the listeners is an essential skill to have as a musician because, at the end of the day, you have to make the audience fall in love with your creation, which comes very easily to Kique.

    Kique is an all-rounder when it comes to music. “One of my favorite things to do is change songs,” Kique remarks. “I want Gwen (his mentor) to see that I’m not just a singer. I’m also a musician. I like to create compositions, make music, change things, and make them my own.

    We are all very excited to see what Kique does next now that he is on his own and out in the world. Slowly but surely, his social media is getting attention, and he is working harder than ever to establish himself as a singer and musician in the music industry. Click here to find all the links to his social media and keep up with everything Kique does.

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