How to apply a COB LED light strip in your interior and exterior

COB LED light strip

LED lighting is no longer just a trend – it’s a commonly used illumination option that proves its efficiency in various circumstances and conditions. People prefer using them for multiple purposes, from warehouse lighting to aesthetics and decor. It’s common to see a light strip used in residential places and businesses, but what about something smoother than a regular LED strip light kit? Let’s look closer at what a 24v COB LED strip is, and how to use it in diverse conditions. 

What’s COB LED?

We know that LED stands for light-emitting diode, and these diodes are usually used with multiple chips installed at a certain distance one from each other. This distance determines how long a strip can be, what effects it produces, and so on. But there’s also an option of a chip-on-board LED that suggests a dense arrangement of chips that produce light. Through this, the strip produces a smooth, seamless line (spot) of light, which looks better if uncovered compared to a regular LED strip. 

Ways to apply a COB LED light strip

Just like any other light strips COB LEDs apply to the same surfaces and places: 

  • to lighten the corners, which look particularly impressive if placed under the ceiling or as a part of wall relief;
  • to lighten the under-stair or use it from the sides;
  • to create a specific ambiance by adding these light sources in addition to the main lighting fixtures;
  • to provide additional illumination for professional surfaces (e.g., on kitchens, working tables, workshops, etc.);
  • to create a purely decorative effect by shaping the strip in a contour drawing.

However you prefer to use these LED strip lights, they will look more aesthetic and neat. 

Most of them go indoors, but there’s a type of COB strip that can theoretically be used on the outside, but only covered. Among the Montreal LEDs, you can find this option under the name of the sauna COB LED strip. It refers to the conditions of use, where the electric fixture and accessories may be impacted negatively by the humidity, temperature change, etc. Regarding this, they mention that users can install these LED lights outdoors with the coverage provided. 

LED Montreal – a reliable supplier

LED Montreal – is a Canadian company offering a substantial list of LED strip light accessories, strips themselves, and many other LED lighting fixtures. One of the indisputable advantages is that you can get a considerate consultation before you place an order. The shop is physically located in Montreal, so you can learn how to get there from the Contact Us page. For those who need products to be delivered, LED Montreal works throughout Canada and the USA.

The technology of LED entered our life quickly and sits tight here, as every other premise depends on LED illumination in one way or another. Choose a better way of organizing and lighting your spaces with Montreal LEDs!

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