Mohammad Ali Soroury Points Out Important Issues Of The Benefits Of Using Gold Apart From Issues Related To Gold Sales And Gold Making


The properties of gold for women have been a hot topic for various scientists who researched the field of gold and jewelry. It is interesting to know about the healing properties of gold for women, which probably, because of the properties of gold, you will not separate it from yourself for a moment.

On the other hand, it has many benefits for women, including eliminating glandular and nervous abnormalities and reducing nervous pressure. According to the Russian newspaper Vezgoliad, gold lowers blood pressure, but silver has the opposite effect. Gold also helps to cure heart diseases. Perhaps this is why gold metal was used in some parts of the body and silver in other parts of the body.

It is necessary to point out that the reason for women’s interest in gold, in addition to its beauty and healing properties, is its “safe savings”. As one of the most famous assets in the world, gold is a special and unique commodity and it is the only commodity that is produced for hoarding, and it can be safely said that all the gold that has been produced throughout history is in the treasury of governments and banks, the safes of gold dealers and Women’s chests have been stored.

Properties of gold for women

In the not-so-distant past, when a woman fainted due to fear or panic, or her blood pressure dropped, to treat her, they put a piece of gold such as a gold necklace, ring, or bracelet in a container of water and stirred the gold in the water with a spoon. And they gave it to the intended person to improve, which of course was very effective. In the 18th century, Europeans got acquainted with this oriental method of throwing a piece of gold in water to improve the health of women, and with this method, they were able to heal fainting and fainting women by feeding them the so-called gold water and watch with their own eyes that Women come to their senses quickly. After some time, they realized that this method is a completely scientific and practical method and proved it. When we say that gold is a precious metal, we do not mean the material price of gold, but in terms of its application in medical science.

Gold has high compatibility, and for this reason, doctors use it as a stability against the corrosion of body parts. When gold is placed inside the body, it does not show any chemical reaction, and the human body does not have any problems with it. Gold passes all electricity and it is known as the best conductor.

This metal is very flexible and for this reason, it is used to make all kinds of medical parts that require high precision. All gold electrons can be seen under the microscope, which shows that it is conductive, although no other metal is as conducive as gold. Many other scientific studies show that gold rays have a negative effect on male sex hormones. while the rays of the “silver” element do not have such an effect on men and women.

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