Baba presents: “Lazarus”, an exciting new single that shows lyrical transformation

Baba presents:

Baba is a supremely talented musician who is a true genius when it comes to combining different genres and create music that merges intelligent themes with next-level sonic artistry. His most recent release, “Lazarus,” stands out as a perfect introduction to Baba’s creative vision.

For those who might not know, Lazarus is a biblical figure, notable because Jesus raised him from the dead. Much like this poignant tale of resurrection, “Lazarus” is a song that showcases a very transformative power. Baba’s artistry is powerful and inspiring, and it stands out as a perfect example of what the audience can expect from Baba’s most recent full-length album, “Cornucopia.”

Ultimately, Baba’s music serves as a reminder that a great song can become a tool for healing and self-expression, providing a safe space for individuals to explore their emotions and connect with others.

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