It’s easy to obtain Thailand Elite Visas that allow long-term residency of up to 20 years


It’s most convenient to obtain an Elite visa for staying in the country for 20 years without visiting the immigration office or having to deal with loads of paperwork. The extreme convenience of obtaining the visa helps to attract investors, business people, and those keen to settle in Thailand long-term. Those who visit Thailand regularly and want to avoid the bureaucratic red tape of obtaining intermittent visas can benefit from the program immensely. This Thailand Elite Visa review should help you understand how easy it is to avail of the Residence Program in Thailand to stay in the country long-term.

  • Special features of Thailand Elite Visa

Besides investors and business people, Thailand Elite Visa is attractive for high net-worth individuals (HNI), digital nomads, families, and retirees intending to relocate to the country. The visa issuing process is smooth and easy, but transiting to and from the government is hassle-free because of the expeditious immigration process for visa holders. The visa offers special discounts at hotels, spas, hospitals, golf courses, and departmental stores to encourage foreigners to settle in Thailand. In addition, visa holders are eligible for Elite personnel services related to immigration services. Over and above the 20 years, visa term is simply matchless compared to Residency visas in many other countries.

  • Types of Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa allows permanent residency in Thailand for a duration of 5, 10, or 20 years based on the package chosen, accompanied by membership fees.

  1. Elite Easy Access Visa– The visa has 5-year validity with an option to upgrade to Elite Ultimate Privilege. The visa has no age restriction, and it costs 600,000 Thai Bhats as a one-time payment but no annual fees.
  2. Elite Family Excursion Visa– The 5-year visa costs 800,000 Thai Bhats but has no annual fee for two persons. To include additional family members, one must pay 300,000 Thai Bhats each.
  3. Elite Family Alternative Visa– The 10-year visa requires renewal after five years for another five years. The visa one-time visa fee is 800,000 Thai Bhats; to include any additional members, the charges are 700,000 Thai Bhats per person.
  4. Elite Privilege Access Visa– The validity of the visa is ten years, but it requires renewal after five years and costs 1,000,000. Adding a family member will cost 800,000, and there is no age restriction.
  5. Elite Superiority Extension Visa– The visa is valid for 20 years and costs a million Thai Bhats but no annual fee. The initial validity is for five years, and after that, periodical renewal every five years will allow you to stay in the country for 20 years.
  6. Elite Ultimate Privilege Visa– The visa costs 2.14 million Thai Bhats with an annual fee of 21400 Thai Bhats and is valid for 20 years with periodic renewal after every five years. Only those above 20 years can apply for the visa.
  7. Elite Family Premium Visa–Elite Ultimate Privilege Visa holders can obtain the Premium Visa for their family members by paying an annual membership fee of 10,000 Thai Bhat. The visa needs renewal every five years.

Becoming an Elite member involves a few simple steps only. Go ahead and apply for it today.

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