Jim Becker, an Exemplary Entrepreneur and CEO, Chose to Vanquish His Fears and Road Mapped His Way to Building a Business Empire


    Fear kills more dreams than failure. It can cause you to miss out on opportunities that would have brought you happiness and success. If Jim Becker, the founder and CEO of Becker Logistics, had not realized the repercussions of living in fear, he would have missed out on turning his company into an exemplary multi-million dollar business.

    Jim Becker grew up in Chicago; after finishing high school, he attended Northwestern University for leadership and organizational behaviorism and later went to the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business to study mergers and acquisitions.

    While working as a purchasing manager with the Norix Group, Jim realized that the company failed to acknowledge his true potential. This was when he decided to establish his own business empire in the field of logistics.

    It wasn’t long before the company started to grow exponentially. Becker’s entrepreneurial streak assisted him in managing the company efficiently. He set up some core values, including openness, competitiveness, and respect, that propelled the company’s trajectory in a positive direction.

    In a matter of 13 years, the company’s net worth increased from $3.5 million in 2009 to $176 million in 2022.

    To Jim, this company is more than just about numbers. He sees his empire as a platform to inspire people. He aims to impart wisdom to his fellow entrepreneurs – all of which he is currently doing with an inimitable zeal.

    Alongside running his business, Jim ensures that he remains a part of multiple philanthropic endeavors. At present, through his venture “Humanity for the Homeless,” Jim is in pursuit of building a network of companies that shall collaborate to fight homelessness. In addition, $1 from every shipment the company makes is designated for this cause.

    Jim is a prime example of a business owner who thinks about more than just generating profits. His kindness and empathy towards all his employees and clients have helped create an environment that is constructive and conducive to learning for all parties involved.

    In recognition of his work, Jim has been appointed as one of the board of directors of Astrotech Corporation, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. One of the products that Astrotech produces is a mass spectrometry that launches, manages and commercializes scalable companies. Last but not least, Jim is also a Chairman of the Membership Committee for the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

    Click on the link to learn more about Jim Becker and his company, Becker Logistics.

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