Thunder Bay Police: Door-to-Door Sales Tactics Raise Concerns, But No Fraud Connection Found

Thunder Bay Police Service Unit 274
Thunder Bay Police Service Unit 274

Thunder Bay – NEWS – The Thunder Bay Police Service has investigated recent complaints of pushy sales representatives but found no evidence of fraudulent activity. Even if the door-to-door salesperson is licensed and works for a reputable organization, residents maintain the right to ask them to leave or close the door.

The earlier Public Service Announcement warning of potential fraud has been withdrawn.

Nonetheless, authorities encourage citizens to remain vigilant when encountering unsolicited visits, phone calls, or emails.

In one recent case, a sales representative claiming to be with Telus Mobility appeared uninvited at a local home in the evening hours of Thursday, May 4.

The so-called sales rep claimed to be selling security systems, and aggressively continued their sales pitch even after the homeowner said they were not interested.

The sales rep offered free products, refused to leave when asked, and made requests to be let inside the home to show the homeowners where security cameras could be placed.

Others who have complained to the Thunder Bay Police Service about similar incidents say they were provided with documents featuring corporate letterhead and City of Thunder Bay logos.

Remember, whenever you suspect someone is attempting to scam you, you have the right to close the door or hang up the phone.

If you believe the suspected fraudster may be a legitimate representative of the organization they claim to be with, then please locate their contact information and connect with them on your terms. Do not use contact information the caller provides you with, and do not trust phone numbers provided to you via your caller display. Caller IDs can be spoofed.

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