The CEO and Founder of Lumisque Skincare, Lana Kerr, Strongly Emphasizes the Importance of Maintaining Women’s Intimate Wellness


    Like any body part, women must take care of their intimate parts. These topics have been taboo, ignored, or overlooked for centuries – with little information. This is why Lana Kerr, CEO and founder of Lumisque Skincare, has come forward to talk about the benefits of taking care of yourself down there.

    Just like any other body part, vaginal health and well-being are essential for females. Lana explains that decreasing vaginal health can lead to a decreased desire for intercourse and a reduced ability to feel pleasure while having sex. Along with all this, she believes it can also damage the self-confidence of a woman dealing with vaginal health problems.

    Good vaginal health is important because of several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

    Reduce the chances of infections and UTI

    Hormonal changes can make a woman more susceptible to vaginal infections. It’s essential to maintain the correct pH in the vagina to prevent this

    Gain self-confidence

     Confidence is directly related to how one perceives oneself and feels in their own skin. Lana believes that maintaining good hygiene and a proper skincare routine makes one look and feel confident. Good vaginal health causes a woman’s intimate life to evolve and become more pleasurable.

    In conclusion, overall female health and vaginal well-being go hand in hand and affect women’s lives in more ways than one. That is why Lana and her team at Lumisque Skincare cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking good care down there.

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