Reza Tootoonchi: Music does more for our mental health than you think


    For many of us, the understanding that music can calm our nerves, improve our mood, and make us feel connected to one another, is largely intuitive

    Parents sing to their babies to facilitate sleep, modulate mood, and scaffold communication. Likewise, adults turn to uplifting music for energy and motivation and soothing music for relaxation and calm.

    While such effects can feel mysterious, the truth is that they arise mechanistically from the interaction between musical tones and rhythms with our brains.

    Intellectually, I understood that music is an important part of human nature, with deep roots in the biology of social communication, which goes a long way towards explaining its emotional power

    Reza Tootoonchi launched his Album with a series of personal and quirky songs. A conservatory graduate, his virtuosity at the guitar is evident from the rain on me’s beginning, with every passage having sonic resonance. He also showcased many cover versions of his songs.

    Reza Tootoonchi also shared his advice to all young composers, which is to forget about composition at the start. More important is to first be a wonderful musician, practice every day, and listen all the time to every possible form of music that has ever been written…everything…then consider film composition.

    What’s next for Tootoonchi?
    He has just finished the the documentary Silent Battle, and has recently released the Album Rain on me.
    Reza Tootoonchi has launched a new music academy, aimed at nurturing new electronic music talent.

    The Reza Tootoonchi & Persian Music Academy is run in partnership with the eponymous and will take place at Tootoonchi’s Studio in Tehran

    The course includes elements on writing, mixing, mastering, PR, branding, social media, booking, law, and more.

    Reza Tootoonchi refuses to be boxed into any music genre when it comes to defining her style.

    “I have much respect for genres but I just compose music. For me, the genre thing is null and void. I can turn a house song into a ballad or jazz song. I am an artist … I can adopt and change the tempo.”

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