Rising Crime Rates in Canada Spark Criticism of Liberal Government

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OTTAWA – POLITICS – “Instead of going after the illegal guns used by criminals and street gangs or ending their catch-and-release bail system, Justin Trudeau is focused on taking hunting rifles and shotguns from law-abiding hunters, sport shooters, and Indigenous peoples,” Melillo stated. “No one believes this will reduce violent crime across Canada,” states Melillo.

Since 2015, the year the Liberal Party formed government, violent crime has increased by 32%, and gang-related murders have doubled.

This confiscation program was first announced alongside Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to ban over 1,500 models of firearms using an order-in-council on May 1, 2020. The Liberal government has also repealed mandatory minimum.

Canadians are growing increasingly concerned about their safety as crime rates continue to rise under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. According to recent statistics, violent crime has increased by 32% and gang-related murders have doubled in the past eight years. However, instead of addressing this issue, the Liberal government has announced plans to continue its attack on hunters, a move that has been met with criticism from various communities.

The new firearms advisory panel, established by the Liberal government, has the power to ban additional firearms by adding them to the May 2020 Order in Council list. This has raised concerns among hunters, farmers, Indigenous Canadians, and sport shooters as commonly used hunting firearms such as the SKS may be added to the list.

Critics argue that the government is trying to distract from its failures in addressing the rising crime rate by targeting law-abiding citizens. The catch-and-release policies for repeat, violent criminals and the repeal of mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes with Bill C-5, as well as the ease of getting bail with Bill C-75, have all contributed to the increase in violent crime.

The Conservative party, led by MP Raquel Dancho, has pledged to address the crime wave by investing in border security and police efforts instead of confiscating tools from law-abiding citizens. The party also promises to bring back serious sentences for repeat violent offenders, toughen bail rules, and crack down on border smuggling to prevent illegal guns from entering the country.

“Conservatives support common-sense firearms policies that keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals,” says MP Dancho. “A Poilievre government will keep violent offenders in jail and will keep Canadians safe.”

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