Meet Stuart Ross Carlson; the multitalented violinist, composer, and arranger who makes waves in his original way!

Meet Stuart Ross Carlson; the multitalented violinist, composer, and arranger who makes waves in his original way!

I have truly held to my own belief that besides music being the universal language, it is also the voice of nature, and this couldn’t be more true for one multi-gifted violinist, composer, and arranger, Stuart Ross Carlson, a Chicago native who has been at the epicenter of that voice of nature with his ingenious compositions that have gone on to win him deserved acclaim from far and wide.

Besides being an academic nerd with four degrees from the University of Michigan and an accomplished composer and arranger who has gone on to win numerous accolades, including the 2016 VSA International Young Soloists Competition and the 2017 University of Michigan Scholl of Music Concerto Competition, Stuart is also an altruistic individual, wealthy at heart and mindful of societal needs.

He has always given back to his community, especially the autistic community, by raising awareness and is involved first-hand in the well-being of the community and all its vital infrastructures, such as hospitals, foster homes, and so on. This is a man who is not only rich in talent but also full of character and decent integrity.

Many who have had the chance to interact with or work with him on a professional basis have described him as a kind-hearted, joyful person with a mammoth heart.

His repertoire thus far demonstrates a composer who isn’t afraid of testing his artistic limits in service of ingenious compositions that move and entertain people in equal measure.

His impressive catalog reflects an accessible and swinging composer and arranger performing easily enjoyable versions of indescribably beautiful compositions, delivered with taste and close attention to the melodies and the feeling behind the instruments.

Stuart Ross Carlson brings outstanding instrumental and compositional expertise to the scene; his music is more than guaranteed to take you on a timeless journey!

May I now officially welcome you to your new favorite composer, arranger, and violinist, Stuart Ross Carlson. Savor!

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