What Inspired Benjamin Brumm to Dedicate His Life to Serving Humanity as a Thought Leader and Health Coach?


    Dedicating one’s life to a noble cause is brilliant, and working on getting things done to make this world a better place for people to live is the ultimate goal. The healthcare systems in our world have been working in the same way for centuries, and there are predetermined notions of what healthcare is in our society. We don’t realize these predetermined ideas are wrong – unless we see a different way. Benjamin Brumm, a thought leader and system innovator, shows us another way: he is disrupting the health system to make it better and more efficient.

    While growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada, Benjamin would climb trees and run across fields. Playing with Legos was a favorite pastime of his and his buddies. He learned about commerce, trade, and strategy there. Living and growing up in a tiny town also meant he had little information or exposure to the outside world. Benjamin was an outstanding football player, played college-level football, and played on a team that won several competitions at Acadia Athletics.

    Being at Acadia Athletics exposed him to the world of fitness, and he maintained his fitness and health until he tore his ACL. This brutal knee injury took him off the field, and he suffered more than just physical pain – he went through an identity crisis only to finally find his bearing by becoming a teacher and coach.

    With a kinesiology degree from Acadia University, it was no surprise that he succeeded quickly, getting promoted as the head strength and conditioning coach for Men’s Acadia Hockey Team. Studying the field of kinesiology made him more adamant about bringing change to the healthcare system and empowered him to start the dialogue that surrounded it.

    When the pandemic hit, Benjamin noticed the decreasing quality of education being delivered online, so he took a gap year and worked on helping the pandemic efforts on the front lines. His dedication to helping others is shown in the fact that for five months straight, he worked 12-hour shifts at the local vaccination clinic to help people. This also helped him get information and knowledge about the inner workings of the healthcare system.

    Soon he found flaws in the system and started looking for ways to fix it, making it easier for people to access the best healthcare possible. This is why he has been actively making connections through his LinkedInaccount and attending several zoom meetings. These things will help him spread awareness and connect with the right people, so his ideas can be heard and taken seriously.

    Benjamin intends to become a voice of concern for the declining and flawed healthcare system. He won’t sit still until he becomes the authority to make things easier and better for everyone.

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