The Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Canada

Most Popular Sports in Canada
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While Canada is known for its rugged natural beauty and a decidedly welcoming nature, this nation also takes sports quite seriously. In fact, a staggering 462 Canadian athletes have won a gold medal at the Olympics and the prowess of these professionals should never be underestimated. Let’s take a quick look the ten most popular sports throughout Canada in order to fully appreciate just how diverse this country has become.

Ice Hockey

It should not come as a surprise that ice hockey has taken the top spot. Thanks to legendary players such as Wayne Gretsky and Mark Messier, this sport has indeed taken on a life of its own.


While lacrosse might not be as popular in other parts of the word, it is a true Canadian pastime. This is largely due to the fact that lacrosse can trace its roots back to France.


Otherwise known as football throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, soccer has taken Canada by storm in recent times. Not only does it enjoy a coast-to-coast fan base, but the ability to access a quality sports website before placing a well-informed wager is easier than ever before.


Due in large part to the United States, baseball has also become one of the most beloved Canadian sports. While the Toronto Blue Jays might be the only team featured in Major League Baseball, this spring and summer tradition is undoubtedly here to stay.


Canadian cricket players have become more widespread in recent times. Although it is still not possible for them to participate in official test, Canada is allowed to compete in single-day international tournaments.


Tennis has been embraced at local and national levels throughout Canada. Thanks in part to major organisations such as Tennis Canada, this sport continues to enjoy a solid and loyal fan base.


Similar to the United Kingdom and France, rugby is taken seriously by many Canadians. It is also important to mention that this sport was introduced to the country as far back as 1823. It therefore boasts strong historical roots.


Believe it or not, basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Nesmith in 1891. While not as prominent as it is in the lower 48 states, the chances are high that a Canadian competition is taking place at this very moment.


Considering the fact that curling relies upon ice, it only stands to reason that this sport is quite famous throughout Canada. Regions such as Alberta, Manitoba and the other Prairie Provinces are particularly known for their talented curlers.


Played at least as far back as 1873, the Scottish game of golf boasts firm roots within Canada. While warmer weather might be required, this has not detracted from the sheer appeal of this sport.

We can now see that Canadian sports are as diverse as they are exciting. The future for this entire industry looks undeniably bright.

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