Explaining the Manzella Effect and Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Dr John Manzella 101


    Who is Dr. John Manzella? He’s an entrepreneur who’s also a physician or doctor. He holds various medical roles and jobs throughout his lengthy entrepreneurial and medical career. He has gotten positions as a doctor, medical director, and so forth. 

    He’s also board-certified when it comes to pediatrics and internal medicine. However, what makes him a person of note? Truth be told, he’s helping bring back house calls in the digital age with LV Housecalls.com. 

    What More Can We Learn About Dr. Manzella

    Dr. John Manzella uses his medical entrepreneurship knowledge in order to further assist in making non-emergency doctor house calls more accessible.

    • Dr. John Manzella is an Entrepreneur and Physician Extraordinaire: Dr. John Manzella runs a practice known as Manzella Family Healthcare. It’s been around for decades and it’s located in Jim Thrope, Pennsylvania. He even serves as the host for a radio talk show known as “The Medical Moment” for good measure. He’s a medical expert through and through.
    • An Accomplished Entrepreneur and Physician: Aside from being a radio personality and a doctor with his own practice, Dr. Manzella is primarily an entrepreneur. He invests in medical startups with the goal of improving American healthcare in his own way through various ideas, like a modern-day house call hotline online through the Internet.
    • A Multi-Awarded and Well-Decorated Physician: Dr. Manzella was named one of the Top 50 Physicians (in America) back in 2010. He’s certified by the board in pediatrics (2001, 2010) and internal medicine (2000, 2008) as well as certified as a coding and billing specialist (2014). His influence spans decades or at least the better parts of the 2000s and 2010s.
    • Recognized Even by Medscape: Dr. John Manzella has even been recognized by Medscape—a website that provides medical information accessibilities for clinicians and medical scientists alike—as the “Smartest Family Physician in Diabetes (Treatment)” and one of the 2011 Top 100 Family Physicians. He’s a renowned doctor dealing with children’s health, among other things.
    • Entrepreneurs in the Medical Field: Doctors mostly handle what they’re trained for. Entrepreneurial doctors also look at the managerial and business side of running a hospital, clinic, or health center.  Dr. Manzella is an entrepreneur who went beyond having his own practice in order to become the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com.
    • A Unique Approach to Medicine: Sick and tired of the money-first attitude of hospitals nowadays that alienate patients and discourage them from doing regular doctor visits and checkups, Dr. Manzella wishes to approach medicine in a more affordable manner. He wants to shatter the bad reputation that the American healthcare industry has as of late.


    A Dependable Physician Services Coordinator

    Long story short, with Dr. Manzella’s LV Housecalls.com, the doctor goes to you (via teleconferencing) instead of the other way around.

    • More Than Just an Ordinary Doctor: In the case of Dr. John Manzella, his burning entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to become more than just an ordinary doctor. He started his own healthcare blog to offer health advice to his audience for free. He also started his own doctor house call business.
    • Bringing House Calls to the 21st Century: Family doctors taking house calls to check on patients at their home instead of making appoints strictly as his clinic or the hospital is a thing of the past that Dr. Manzella wishes to bring back. He also wishes to use modern conveniences like the Internet, computers, smartphones, websites, and apps to do so.
    • The Sorry State of American Healthcare: It has become a joke or a punch line at this point for Americans to avoid taking ambulance rides in light of how expensive they’ve become. Ditto when it comes to undergoing procedures that aren’t covered by their expensive private healthcare plans or services like Medicare. 
    • How Does LV Housecalls.com Help? LV Housecalls.com, as a standard disclaimer, should not serve as an alternative to emergency services. Call that ambulance (as expensive as it is) if you’re suffering from a medical emergency like a heart attack or a stroke. However, it can service you in other ways, like superior house call accessibility to conventional doctor appointments.
    • Covers Check-Ups and Advice: Compared to conventional medicine, LV Housecall.com covers your check-up, prescriptions, and specialist recommendation needs. Nowadays, you can even order your tests home-delivered to you by administrating nurses (like taking your blood sugar or just getting your blood and urine samples to check your state of health). 
    • How Does It Work? LV Housecalls.com work like your work-at-home setup. You can call doctors via Zoom, Skype, Instant Messenger, or some sort of chat. It’s a literal house call but of the teleconferencing way. You can discuss your symptoms to the doctor and then get relevant advice from them, like taking tests or getting a drug prescription. 
    • It’s All For Your Convenience: It’s not necessarily as convenient as a pizza delivery where you’ll get a doctor to check on you within 30 minutes or the visit is free. However, Manzella’s setup is much more accessible to Americans who wish to get check-ups without waiting in line in a crowded public hospital or an expensive private one.
    • Medical Director for Online House Calls: Dr. John Manzella is the medical director of his own virtual or online hospital, in a manner of speaking. He’s the head honcho responsible for coordinating and organizing physician services for his huge clientele of interested patients so that they can get their Zoom house calls in a timely fashion care of LV Housecalls.com.


    Learning about The Manzella Effect 

    The Manzella Effect of Dr. Manzella is that he exudes the entrepreneurial and caretaker spirit simultaneously. This allows him to have a sustainable way to care for patients. He’s a vanguard when it comes to improving healthcare in America. 

    His LV Housecalls.com company allows doctors to come to you instead of you having to be on some long line filling out papers and whatnot. He’s also a resource when it comes to cost-effective medical advice and services. He even provides emergency visit recommendations in case a house-call physician checkup isn’t enough.


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