iMind’s Best Features: A Comprehensive Look at What Makes it a Top Video Conferencing Platform in India

video conferencing

Information and communication technologies in the telecommunications system are recognized worldwide as key technologies of the 21st century. Informatization of education is part of this global process. 

Many studies show that people in the modern world prefer remote meetings. 

However, face-to-face communication is extremely important for building long-lasting business relationships.

That’s why a video conferencing tool for companies helps meet the need for face-to-face communication for remote employees and teams, and also helps improve communication and understanding between participants. This is where iMind comes in handy, but first, you need to understand the features.

The Main Functions of iMind Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a business standard in many industries and is usually available as part of a single communication platform. iMind is a great tool for meetings and collaboration with colleagues. As the number of remote workers grows, the program becomes more and more popular. 

So, here are the functions offered to users.

Screen sharing. 

Looking to increase the productivity of your meetings? If you’re using video conferencing platform iMind, you or one of your colleagues may be working remotely. Screen sharing during a video conference helps keep team members connected and collaborate easily and efficiently in real-time. This feature allows meeting participants to see the same information and work on the same page. 

Share documents.

Video conferencing software iMind allows you to share documents. This eliminates the need to email them before or after the meeting. You can instantly share documents and presentations with participants right during the meeting. And the ability to conduct meetings without delays and fully focus on the task at hand is an added benefit. 

Moderation tools. 

Video conferencing online with iMind can involve two, a hundred, or more people, so having certain controls is very important. We all know the situation when one of the participants forgets to turn off the microphone. This is distracting and quickly brings the meeting’s momentum to a standstill. With controls, the meeting organizer has the power to control certain functions. iMind supports the ability to mute or unmute a participant’s microphone or even disconnect someone who joined the conference by mistake.  

Text chat for business.

This feature allows you to join the discussion, collaborate with colleagues, ask questions, etc. without interrupting the meeting. You can send a text message to an individual participant or the entire group. This is a very useful function.  

According to many reviews, video conferencing is a great solution for companies, as it allows them to get the best collaboration tools at little or no cost.  

Knowing the tool will help you better manage the meeting and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. Learn how to use and its features.

Tariff Plans of the iMind Platform  

It is very important to understand the pricing policy and what offers iMind has. 

Here are the following plans that are offered to the user:

  1. Free plan for face-to-face meetings. Accepts up to 100 participants and has group meeting options of up to 40 hours. Users will receive unlimited recording and simultaneous screen displays when needed.
  2. Pro plan for small teams for $7 per month. Customers get up to 99 licenses per account. The offer has everything that the Free package does. Additional features include license and user rights management, unlimited room URLs, personal/group rooms and custom branding.
  3. Business plan for small businesses for $10/month. That’s already up to 999 licenses per account.It also has everything in the Pro. In addition, a personal account for customer service and a custom subdomain is added. Records are stored forever and storage is connected via WebDAV.
  4. Enterprise plan for large enterprises. Suitable for resellers and provides from 1000 licenses. Customers get all features along with cloud localization and monitoring and priority support.

Note that a license must be purchased for each user who needs to create and host a conference. A licensed user can organize an unlimited number of conferences, but it will not be possible to participate in them using a single account.

So, video conferencing is different from video calls, because the latter usually involve a limit of up to two people for full communication and are designed for people. But with iMind, it’s now easy to find out what’s going on around a particular location in a more concrete way and improve your productivity with all the features of the platform.

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