The Synthwave Launch by Lofi girl marks the beginning of a new exciting musical era that we can’t wait to be drawn into!

The Synthwave Launch by Lofi girl marks the beginning of a new exciting musical era that we can’t wait to be drawn into!

She has walked with us, given us songs for every probable occasion and emotion that you could ever think of; talk about sleeping, studying, relaxing, loneliness, being angry, moody, disappointed…the list goes on and on. And now the Lofi girl wants to add to that excitement because she’s got company with some quick to name him the Lofi boy/Synthwave boy—either way, we are about to feast, ladies and gentlemen!

A channel that has allowed millions of people to discover new music is about to get bigger and better following the eye-catching and immersive Synthwave launch that was met with a tremendous buzz on social media from far and wide.

I remember correctly, like it was yesterday, how I started out with Lofi when it came to getting into music production and songwriting, then Lofi Girl came around, and now that I’m getting into Synthwave, the same way with ‘Synthwave Boy, feels so poetic!

You’ve got to respect how well the Lofi Girl team has been able to create stories behind every possible event and how they have been linking carefully with each other while remaining anonymous…simply incredible. And to imagine that we now get another hearty dose of Synthwave sensation that reflects that the sound of the 80s is orgasmic. Not even sex feels this good, tbh!

I am more than certain that the new Synthwave channel and stream will be amazing because I feel that synth is such an underrated genre that I think it deserves more attention and recognition.

I am just here to formally welcome Synthwave Boy to the Lofi Girl family. I bet he is going to be as popular as she is…time will tell!

I have never seen the world this excited. The only time it came close to this was when the death of Osama Bin Laden was surprisingly announced by John Cena on Monday Night Raw. Anyway, I digress.

Ain’t no way this is a LOFI LOVE STORY….Lofi Girl x Synth Boy ship feels like a thing now. A modern day love story of Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy…maybe she hasn’t been studying at all but writing letters to him!

It’s time for Synthwave Boy to shine. And now that we’ve got Lofi girl and Synthwave boy, what’s next, Jazz dad maybe? Bear with me; I’m just thinking out loud, and it’s hard to keep calm when you are this ecstatic!

The “beats to game/chill to” livestream is now available 24/7 on YouTube and various streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer, providing a unique and captivating listening experience. Let’s  go!


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