Business Trainer And International Executive Certified Coach Amy Sinton: Of Passion, Resilience And A Powerful Purpose

Amy Sinton has risen to the top as a “mompreneur” and life-altering coach who has changed mindsets, perspectives, careers and lives for the better with her incredible coaching services


Over the years, the world has learned and read a lot about how male professionals and business owners have walked their path to glory in remarkable ways. However, the question is how often people have celebrated the successes of female professionals across industries of the world. Well, things definitely have been changing for the positive, where more and more women are reaching the forefront of almost all industries globally; still, it feels there is a need to discuss more of such self-made stories, where women prove they are capable of doing anything and everything and achieving it all. A few such women have come ahead to not just create a highly successful career for themselves but, in the process, pass on the good to inspire many other women as well across the world, just like Amy Sinton has been consistently doing for years.

Who is Amy Sinton, you wonder? Well, this phenomenal “mompreneur” who raised three children while building her career as a business trainer and an international executive certified coach has left no stone unturned in positively altering the careers ad lives of others, adding more to their confidence as professionals and ultimately more value into their lives through her one-of-a-kind coaching services. Empowering people is her sole purpose, and keeping this in mind, she spared no effort in helping people get to their next level of growth and success in life. Supporting people, encouraging them, becoming their biggest motivation and helping them unlock their highest potential are things she has excelled at like no one else, which has what allowed her to clarify her clients’ goals and support them in achieving the same as a top coach.

Not just other individuals, she has found passion in helping leaders and prominent business personalities as well so that they can become higher achievers in their fields. She does this by helping them gain a higher level of self-awareness, new strategies and ways to implement the same. Amy Sinton is also known for supporting her clients in challenging times for them to take important decisions by coaching them and making it easier for them to deal with the decision process. What has grabbed more eyeballs is her YouTube channel, which is all about her speaking on different important topics like self-development and coaching and where she also explains how coaching is a powerful tool for overcoming personal and career challenges.

The 1993-born mother to three beautiful children and a graduate of Harvard Business School Online with a specialization in Leadership & Management is fluent in three languages English, Polish and Russian. This has helped her communicate efficiently with clients worldwide through her multicultural coaching for career and self-development. The English-born talent moved to Poland for most of her early childhood and adulthood. Her years of experience, and certifications, combined with her passion for working for people, have today made her a well-known and multi-award-winning life and business coach, business trainer, expert columnist, public speaker, and YouTuber, all while being a mum.

Besides all this, she earned her certifications at CoachWise Academy, considered to be Poland’s one of the first coaching schools with a very structured & renowned methodology in terms of coaching. Her public speeches have explored topics like women’s health, empowerment, and achieving goals.

There is a reason Amy Sinton has been lauded for her consistent and genuine efforts as a business trainer and life and personal coach, getting featured on top media outlets of the world.

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