New Indie Music: Spring and Autumnal Indie Music to Add to Your Fall Playlist

    New Indie Music: Spring and Autumnal Indie Music to Add to Your Fall Playlist

    Spring and fall have two things in common; they’re both the perfect time of year to get into your feelings and create your seasonal playlists, either to be the backing track to your summer or to get you through winter.

    Spring and autumnal indie music typically revolve around love: finding it, losing it, and figuring it out.

    What Artist to Add to Your Autumnal Indie Music Playlist

    Finding the perfect anchor song for your fall or autumnal playlist will help to thrive during the season.

    Something about the season before winter when you want a softer tone that perfectly describes what you’re going through while you’re driving in your car, finding a spot to cry because #inmyfeelings, or just going through the motions.

    Everyone knows this is not the time for an uptempo summer song but rather a soft rock ballad that captures the mood.

    You want to add the latest track Chel Hill has added her vocals and songwriting style to: Spend a Little Time.

    It’s a great single to add to a fall playlist that could include the likes of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” or Frank Ocean’s “Ivy” because Hill’s smooth vocals and engaging lyrics pill on your heartstrings.

    Chel Hill: Queen of Autumnal Indie Music

    Chell Hill has the perfect type of Autumnal indie music, with soft sounds and soothing vocals to describe the feelings that surround love.

    The music is enough to get you in your feelings during any phase you find yourself in.

    Spend a Little Time: A Timeless Anthem for Spring and Autumn

    Chel Hill’s “Spend a Little Time” surrounds the feelings of wanting more alone time with your significant other or love interest while acknowledging that that’s not always possible. It’s the backing track of a long-distance relationship.

    Lyrics like “please say you’re on way” describe the desire for your person to drop what they’re doing to drive, fly, or Uber to spend quality time with you.

    The song is even more relatable, considering that in the preceding line, Chel describes waiting for your person to get off work and choose to spend their time decompressing with you.

    Chel acknowledges that Wednesday afternoon is the time of the date but can’t wait.

    “Spend a Little Time” is about agonizing over the time you get to spend with someone when there’s distance — whether physical or otherwise — and navigating becoming a priority for them.

    It can be the anthem of your long-distance relationship, situationship, or casual romance that you want to take to the next level.

    Cause every once in a while, when you need a hug, a listening ear, or are just feeling lonely, this song can help comfort you. It’s the perfect tune when the days feel long, and life feels emptier without someone to spend it with — especially when you know who that someone is you want to keep you company on those Sunday afternoons.

    Check out her Spotify.

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